Sometimes, we ourselves do not notice how every day we repeat this or that action, which can lead to early aging of our skin. We even can not suspect such a sad outcome. However, here are the basic habits that can lead to premature aging.

So, we have collected for you 10 bad habits in our daily life, which affect the process of premature aging. However, if you know, then you can and caution.


Sweet affects not only the figure but also the skin. It’s all about his ways of decomposition: sugar molecules are attached to the fibers of the protein in each cell of the body. This destructive process is called glycation, it leads to the loss of healthy complexion, swelling, lethargy and even circles under the eyes.


Poor sleep

If you sleep less than 5 hours a day, you can not only get dark circles and bags under the eyes but also shorten your life. Lack of sleep is manifested in the lack of energy during the day, slowing down the thinking process, deterioration of attention and weight gain.

A lot of TV

Watching a TV show or time on the Internet affects not only the fact that we spend a lot of time but also our condition. If you spend 6 hours a day watching a TV or computer, you can not only lose a few years of life but also ruin your appearance. The fact is that when we sit without moving for more than 30 minutes, the body begins to store sugar, which contributes to weight gain, so get up every half hour and walk, and even better – do a couple of simple but useful exercises.

Day in a seated position

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous to health. Spending a day in the chair borders on the risk of kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer, not to mention obesity. Regular exercise will help prevent these serious consequences.


You can get a dose of ultraviolet radiation not only not on the beach in sunny weather, but also in everyday life in the rain. Going outside is to choose a foundation with SPF since photo-aging follows us everywhere.

Too much makeup

Excessive makeup cannot only age us externally but also internally, especially oil-based products, which clog pores and cause inflammation. Abuse of perfumes, irritants and chemical compounds on alcohol contributes to dry skin, as they remove the entire natural layer of fat, which causes early wrinkles.

Sleep face in the pillow

If you sleep face down in the pillow, in the morning you can notice how your cheek “hesitated”. This will speed up the aging process and create facial wrinkles. Connective tissues and collagen on the face weaken and sag with age. When you every time you sleep on the same side, pressing the skin against the pillow, this prevents the skin from cracking down in a natural way. Better sleep on your back.

To sleep face in the pillow

Too warm

Of course, a warm room and heating are necessary and pleasant things. By name, the batteries dry out the air in the room, and therefore our skin. And dry skin is aging skin.

Don’t eat fatty

Of course, eating fat is bad for the figure. But healthy fats such as omega-3 are simply necessary for the heart to work and maintain youth. You will not recover from nuts and redfish, but you will bring benefit to your organism.


If you sit all the time, bent over the keyboard, it will lead to the fact that your spine will take this form, and this is not beautiful and unhealthy. The curved shape of the spine affects our body and organs. This increases the load on the muscles and may eventually lead to aging.


Of course, there are a lot of reasons that can lead to premature aging, but if you control the ones we listed above, you can significantly minimize the risk of aging.

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