What drives men to infidelity?

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Infidelity: The question that all deceived women ask is: why did he change? Sometimes men themselves cannot give a clear answer. In most cases, they are guided by physical desires and diversity. Some of them know that they are doing mean, but they find a lot of excuses for themselves. Others initially do not consider treason something immoral and care only about the secrecy of their adventures. But psychologists tried to identify the main catalysts for male infidelity.

These drives men to infidelity

Fear of being abandoned or deceived

Often, men suffer from jealousy and fear that the spouse, sooner or later, will leave them with their nose (or horns). This poses a threat to their pride and self-love, so they decide to take the lead. Such jealous men are so afraid of betrayal that they strike first, even if the wife is faithful to them and gives no reason for doubt. Stupid tactics push them into the arms of others, and all in order to never experience the pain that they themselves inflict on the spouse.

The Fear Of Being Abandoned Or Cheated

Momentary weakness

Despite the fact that men are naturally endowed with physical strength, most of them are weak in character and soul. And their main opponent is themselves. They cannot deny themselves to their beloved one-minute weakness, therefore they allow their desires to obscure the mind, or turn it off intentionally.

Momentary Weakness

Lack of love

A holy place is never empty. If feelings for one woman die, they are replaced by feelings for another object of attention. Being in alliance with an unloving male partner is unbearable, hence the thought of having a connection with a more fresh and interesting seducer.

The Absence Of Love

The desire to assert itself

Some traitors have become accustomed to increasing their self-esteem and proving their own worth by the number of women in love with them. These guys are enjoying increased attention and the number of love relationships. They have no remorse and manage to masterfully hide the traces of the crime. They are difficult to catch in the hot because every woman enchanted by them considers herself the one and only. The more painful the disappointment is when the deception does open.

The Desire To Assert Itself

Treason is not only a man’s sin. Among women, there are also enough loving and physically active women with free views on life and marriage. Each case of adultery, of course, is individual, but if you know the main reasons that can lead to adultery, it is possible to prevent trouble or to notice deception in a timely manner. But it does not relieve anyone of pain.

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