How to create a Christmas mood?


If you ask different people what the Christmas mood is, then the answers can be heard different. Someone rejoices when they just see the Christmas tree and feel its smell, and others are happy to think that they don’t need to go to work for 10 days, or at least a week – the New Year holidays now have become very long. Good or bad, everyone has his own opinion on this question, but today we are not talking about that.

What a new year without the appropriate mood? We offer to talk about how to create a New Year’s mood, how to make this winter holiday feel real winter happiness.

Christmas mood

For most people, the New Year’s mood is connected with the expectation of a holiday – it is still wonderful that many of us were used to expect fairy tales and miracles from the New Year even in Soviet times. Someone connected this with children’s matinees, decorations in school and kindergarten, with a Christmas tree, which was put on together, and of course, with tangerines and oranges – in those times we had them only on holidays.

But the most important thing is when you look forward to a miracle, and you believe that something magical will happen. As adults, we have retained this feeling in the subconscious, and we still feel excited when we see that trees are sold on the streets, buildings are decorated with festoons; people buy gifts, toys and other New Year attributes; when we sign New Year’s cards and tell ourselves that in the New Year we will definitely become better and happier.

New Year’s depression

However, in our time, not everyone has a New Year’s mood, and this is especially problematic for those who have worked all year, built a career and rushed up the career ladder – such people often have a real depression for the New Year. It’s sad and not until the New Year’s mood becomes the one who hasn’t torn, but just performed his routine work throughout the past year – they often don’t want to celebrate at all, and the kind of happy people can irritate and even anger them: how can they laugh when there are so many problems and misfortunes?

It is noticed that the least of all the problems with the New Year’s mood are housewives who have children: they are not bored – they are busy all the time. They buy gifts and Christmas-tree decorations, create Christmas costumes for children and an outfit for themselves, exchange recipes for festive meals with other mummies – in general, they are preparing for the holiday in full.

And what should those who can not escape from their work and service problems, and transfer them to the relationship with their home? It’s probably worth remembering that problems if we take them too seriously, tend to “drag” others, even more, serious ones, so there is a risk of making the black line even blacker – do we need it?

You should not succumb to a bad mood and darken the New Year holiday for yourself and others: the difficulties are always temporary – if you find a job and take responsibility for preparing the New Year, they start to solve themselves, and the mood becomes New Year.

Christmas mood

Recommendations on how to create a New Year’s mood are many. For example, you can start with decorating your home interior, but before that, it’s nice to take part in decorating an office, or another place where you work: nothing helps to rally the team like working together that requires creative abilities.

Dummies of fruit can paint any interior, but you can take real fruit, and even decorate them by spraying with gold or silver paint from sprayers. Fruits for this need to take those whose skin is not used for food: these are bananas, pomegranates, tangerines, etc. – they can be hung on a Christmas tree, arranged in vases, etc.

Cheer up others

However, raising the New Year’s mood, as well as the beginning of preparation for the holiday, may be different: it is verified that when you try to cheer up others, you do not notice how you yourself become happy and happy – the method is simple but effective. Today it is customary to send virtual cards – this can be done, but the real New Year cards, bright and glossy, with the smell of typographical colors, have not been canceled yet – when we pick up a card, we feel that we are holding a piece of the holiday.

Imagine how you will feel, having written at least 10 congratulations – sincerely and from the heart! – to your friends, relatives and acquaintances?

Decorate the Christmas tree and give gifts

Decorate the Christmas tree and give gifts

A great way to cheer yourself up and make it New Year’s Eve is the Christmas tree decoration. This can be done several times: first at work, then at home, and you can also help decorate a tree for your parents, aunts, girlfriends and friends – the more Christmas trees you decorate, the better. Some experts have noticed that hanging up branches of shiny toys and luminous garlands has an anti-stress effect on people – no sedatives will be needed. Well, if you decorate the Christmas tree with your favorite Christmas music: there are many wonderful New Year songs, both domestic and foreign performers, who are very uplifting – turn on the music louder, and do not be afraid to disturb the neighbors – of course, until 11 o’clock.

Candlesticks for New Year’s mood

Try to make your own candlesticks for different Christmas candles – from glass jars or glasses, painted them with different colors, or from small birch logs, drilling holes in them. And you can make them from sea shells – such candlesticks will be ideal for the coming year.

Gifts for the mood

If you bought gifts for your relatives, friends and relatives, get them decorated: take special shiny multi-colored paper, ribbons and bows, and decorate them as you like – the Christmas mood rises after such pleasant work.

New mood will help to cheer up

Make a New Year’s mood, and no one will argue with that, helps the new festive bright outfit. Be sure to tidy up your appearance: you can do it at home or in the salon – if necessary, make haircut and hair dye, be sure to – beautiful manicure; choose a suitable face and body mask, take a bath with essential oils – it is generally advisable to take such baths daily during the pre-Christmas week.

To lighten the mood to help a new outfit

However, the best way to create a New Year’s mood is the choice of a new outfit. It’s time to buy that dress and those chic shoes you’ve long dreamed of, and it doesn’t matter that you have “temporary financial difficulties” again: smart things are not necessarily expensive – the main thing is that they are “yours”. In addition, if you find the right accessories for an inexpensive suit, it will look amazing on you, and people around you will admire and wonder: how did you manage it?

Focus on yourself

Well, what to do if you are very tired, and you can’t manage to fulfill your intended, New Year’s mood “at zero”, and the family for some reason does not help you? In such situations, most women decide that they can cope with everything themselves, and start running around in search of gifts, haul products from the supermarket, arrange general cleaning in the apartment, and on January 31 they cook delicious dishes all day long – to surprise the guests and accept the well-deserved praise. In the evening, they wearily sit at the table, drink champagne and gorge on – there is no longer enough for fun and dancing. So is this behavior worth praise?

It turns out that we forget about ourselves, and then we are offended by our loved ones, and we think: how tired is all this – and who invented this New Year? However, no one is forcing you to “pull on yourself” all the pre-holiday efforts: why bother to torment yourself only because “that’s the way it should be”? Arrange a rest right before the holiday – you can even go to a friend who has not seen each other for a couple of days, or just go shopping – for fun, and not to feverishly buy food and souvenirs “at a discount.”

To make your mood truly New Year and festive, do not take everything on your fragile shoulders. Entrust the decoration of your home to your home – let them do it in their own way, and everything will turn out as it should – you just have to try. And from the preparation of snacks and luxurious dishes can be abandoned, but at the same time arrange yourself a wonderful and fun holiday – for this, there is a simple recipe.

Buy some good alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, high-quality cheese and fruit, and let your guests bring the remaining dishes: they will do it with pleasure if you promise them a competition for the best New Year’s food – any housewife will be happy to show others her talents and get a small but pleasant prize.

If you manage to have a good rest before the holiday, then you will be in a new year mood, and you will be able to “infect” those around you with joy and fun – and this costs more than the most elegant dress and the most abundant festive table. May the New Year mood always be with you, and then the whole coming year will be successful, prosperous and happy for you!

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