Not by age: 7 habits that are terribly old

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Did you notice that you look older than your peers? Perhaps it’s about some of your habits. Yes, sometimes, what seems to us ordinary and harmless, in fact, is terribly harmful. Let’s understand together, what are you doing wrong.

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You overload yourself with business

You constantly hurry somewhere, do one hundred things at a time and still are afraid of nothing to catch … Congratulations, you are a multitasking person. Many believe that multi- or multitasking is good, but in fact, in this way, we undermine our nervous system. Studies have shown that chronic stress leads to the release of free radicals, which affects the aging process. Try to focus on one task, perform it and only then go to the new one. So you not only keep your nerve cells but also do not let the mechanism of aging start before time.

You’re leaning on the sweet

Do you miss the chance to eat an extra piece of cake at the birthday party or enjoy a delicious cake on a date with a young man? Then your diagnosis is “sweet tooth”. Unfortunately, sweets contribute not only to a set of extra pounds but also add extra years to your face. We explain: sugar molecules cling to the protein fibers of cells, and together they “give” you dark circles under the eyes, dull skin, puffiness and early wrinkles. Do you need it?

You are lazy

If everything that we listed in the previous paragraph, you do, sitting on your favorite couch. There is a lot said about the harm of a sedentary lifestyle. From ourselves, we add that people who spend most of the day sitting, are prone not only to various diseases but also to premature aging. Physical loads, at least minimal, should be. By the way, our beloved British scientists have proved that 150 minutes of any exercises per week prolong life for 10-15 years.

You like to make telethon marathons

Yes, it’s telethon. And if they are accompanied by eating sweets, lying on your favorite couch, what are you surprised at? The fact is that regular watching TV is fraught with not only health problems but premature aging. Officially proved: one hour in front of the TV shortens the life of an adult person by 22 minutes. As much as 22 minutes of your precious life in an hour of crocheting in front of a black box! Does not that scare you? If not, then catch another fact: people who spend more than five hours watching TV programs a day live less than the same number of years. And now remember that we talked about the sofa. Specialists admit that the problem is not so much on the TV itself, as in the fact that when you watch your favorite serials you usually sit or lie on the couch.

You sleep less than five hours a day

Have not had enough sleep? Get the bags under your eyes! And it’s not so bad. Leaving for sleep less than five hours a day, you strike at once in all its beauty: the skin loses its elasticity, becomes dull and problematic, the nails break, and the hair splits … Try to go to bed until midnight and sleep 7-8 hours, then you will wake up fresh and rested.

Do you sleep with your face in the pillow

Sleeping on your stomach or on your side with your face in the pillow is another reason for premature aging of your skin. The connective tissue and collagen become less elastic with time, which means that they are much more difficult to cope with various deformities. And such, it would seem, small thing, like the imprint of a pillow on your face, is a serious problem for your skin. Pay attention, after what time the imprint completely disappears from the skin? And with the years will only get worse. So, if you want to keep your skin smooth and supple for a long time, try to sleep on your back.

You paint too much

And finally, we will go through the “classics”. Excessive use of cosmetics is a huge stress for your skin. We ourselves were surprised to learn that daily makeup accelerates the aging process! You do not want to look 30 at 40 ?! Let the skin rest – a couple of days without make-up, and the face will be “smoothed out”, like after a spa treatment.

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