Herpes: causes, types and treatment

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Herpes is caused by a group of viruses that is in almost every organism. With the weakening of immunity is the activation and propagation within the cells. Is there any treatment of this disease, can we prevent it? Read about it in our article.

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Herpes threat

Herpes at least once in your life there is almost all. In the winter it happens more often because of the lack of vitamins in fruits and vegetables in the right quantity, the body becomes vulnerable to viruses.

“Cold” on the lips — nothing like herpes. But absolutely nothing many consider it harmless. This disease can negatively affect the nervous system because nerve cells are “live” viruses. They find a neuron embedded in its DNA and become virtually invisible to the immune system.

Herpes Threat

When contact with the patient, with rashes, you are almost guaranteed to get sick. It is especially easy to become infected by kissing, close body contact. Infection is possible, but rarely, if lesions on the body there, and the infection is “dormant”.

To cope with a characteristic rash takes about 10 days. Predisposing factors:

  • Overheating.
  •  Hypothermia.
  •  Stress.
  •  Operation.
  •  Starvation.
  •  Physical activity not characteristic of the man.
  •  A change of climate.
  •  Exposure.

Types of herpes

Is herpes simplex 1 and 2 type. For the virus type 1 is characterized by the inflammation on the lips, the skin, inflammation of the eye.

When the type 2 herpes is much more often affects the genitals. Herpes virus type 1 infected about 70% of people. Marvel can not only skin. Quite common is herpes keratitis. This damage to the eyes, in severe cases leading to blindness.

Virus type 3 in children is manifested by chicken pox. Adults in 30% of cases it recurs in the form of herpes zoster. Possible atypical forms, without the typical bubbles. Fever, headache, skin appear swollen spot. Rarely nausea and even mental disorders.

Environmental Protection

The peculiarities of herpes zoster

Shingles manifest itself as an itching, pain, sharp pains. Then bubbles appear on the body they merge into solid pockets. Usually, herpes type 3 lesion is unilateral, in the course of the nerve.

In patients over the age of 60 after suffering the pain of shingles may be chronic, bother years. Also severe is herpes in HIV-positive, undergoing chemotherapy, are undergoing hormone therapy, pregnant women.

In severe cases of shingles, antiviral therapy is required. Interferon may be prescribed. The patient is hospitalized. The first line drug for herpes is acyclovir. It is produced in the form of ointments and tablets. Ibuprofen and lidocaine reduce painful foci. During pregnancy, herpes is dangerous by stillbirth and fetal malformations: mental retardation, retarded growth of the child.


How to treat herpes on your lips?

When “cold on the lips” Acyclovir ointment should be applied to the affected surface with a thin layer for 3-4 days. To use the ointment can children and pregnant women. The ointment is applied 4 times a day. Only such frequent use can suppress the replication of the virus. From folk remedies helps tea tree ointment, zinc ointment, sea buckthorn oil, Aloe Vera juice. To kill the virus they can not, but well heal and reduce inflammation. They need to be used in combination with ointments and sometimes pills. It happens that only a few local treatments. The doctor can prescribe so-called anti-relapse therapy if the rash appears very often.

At the time of treatment are excluded:

  • Spices.
  •  Nuts.
  •  Alcohol.
  •  Sweet.
  •  Tomatoes.
  •  Spices.
  •  Drinks with caffeine.

The diet should be seafood, onion and garlic.

This is interesting.

American scientists from the Mayo Clinic found that if in the body each day comes to about 1.3 g lysine, the number of relapses of herpes is reduced by 2.4 times. Regularly eat cheese and other dairy products and meat. Smaller amounts of lysine contained in dried apricots. Consumption of wheat flour should be reduced. Replace it with whole grains where possible, use buckwheat or oat flour. The positive impact of vitamin C and zinc during the illness and reduce the frequency of rash.

As for the other measures of prevention of the disease, it is the same as for other viruses: it is necessary to abandon bad habits, get adequate sleep and eat a healthy diet every day. Avoid stress, avoid drinking alcohol. More than a walk.

Herpes: what’s new in the treatment is expected in the near future?

Why despite the fact that the virus can cause symptoms immediately, in most cases, he hiding? Researchers from Princeton University used a related type of herpes virus and they are infected nerve cells. Then use the above method, introduced him to the “sleeping phase”.

To Wake up the virus in two ways: using signals of chemical stress, or in the presence of a cluster of proteins called tegumentary viral proteins. It turned out that only viral proteins tegument was a key trigger that can affect the transition to the hibernation state or the activity of the virus. A better understanding of this mechanism will lead in the future, as scientists hope that the creation of an entirely new class of drugs. Work is underway to create vaccines against herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 types. However, to talk about the early development of vaccination in the near future is not necessary.


About herpes was mentioned by Avicenna. Who knows, maybe in this century will be able to find a cure that can completely eradicate the virus, once released into the body? At the moment, the biological properties of the virus completely known. Herpes will survive freezing, thawing, the action of ultrasound. Transmitted by airborne droplets, vertical, by contact, during childbirth, through the instruments during surgeries, treatments in the beauty salon, the treatment of caries. To deal with it radically very hard, the focus should be on strengthening the immune system. It is proved that the herpes virus does not like UV radiation.

Herpes and children

The child receives antibodies to the herpes simplex virus from the mother through the placenta. For this reason, it is a very dangerous infection with herpes during pregnancy. These antibodies may simply not have time to develop and pass on the baby. However, after 4 years, maternal antibodies disappear from the child’s body. Just by this time, he goes to kindergarten, where he can become infected. Characteristic rashes at the first contact with the virus may be absent. If there are manifestations, then they are usually localized not in the skin, but in the mouth, in the form of lingo-stomatitis. The body temperature rises. Ulcers can be observed for about a month and pass by themselves.

Neurologists are very concerned about the increase of cases of herpetic meningitis. It manifests with a headache and a critical fever (up to 41.5 C). Gynecologists increasingly associated inflammation of female infertility, and herpes virus type 2. In men, the virus can disrupt sperm motility, and they do not reach the cherished goal.

The doctor in the diagnosis in most cases is based on the clinic. But when in doubt you can take the tests PCR and ELISA (the first type of study detects virus DNA and the second antibody in the blood to it).

The Background

Herpes virus infection and immunity

More common than herpes among all viral infections only the flu. Increasingly, treatment of this virus does immunologists. The reason for this — the violation of any immunity in most patients, the presence of symptoms. There is an assumption that immunodeficiency may be inherited genetically. It is proven that infection with herpes facilitates HIV infection and maybe starting crochet for the development of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

You should consult a doctor if rashes appear more than 3 times a year. Avoid kissing and having physical relationship at activation of the virus, especially if the partner has not previously been a characteristic rash. Starting the treatment at the very first signs of burning or tingly. The virus will go back into the nerve trunks, and its transmissibility will be reduced. Will not be bothered by severe pain, especially characteristic of herpes zoster. Timely begun treatment to avoid other complications — for example, hearing and sight.

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