10 countries where you cannot have dual citizenship


Dual citizenship: Birth in a particular country automatically makes you a recipient of some of the requirements from the state and often gives the right to a nationality. Sometimes, depending on the country, you may apply for dual citizenship in another state for a number of reasons. Maybe this is a country where your parents were born, or the years you live in the country and want to make it their home, or a country that you really admire. But dual citizenship is possible far not in all States, there are about 40 countries that do not allow this status in principle. Let’s learn about some of them.

1. Japan gives a person the opportunity to decide the issue of citizenship before he turns 22.


2. In Singapore, people born of foreigners on the territory of another country can have dual citizenship only until the age of 21. After he will have to select only one “home”.


3. In the Netherlands, dual citizenship is prohibited.


4. In Nepal also found reasons for dual citizenship.


5. The same situation in Myanmar.


6. Obtaining citizenship in another country automatically deprives a person of citizenship of China.


7. The people of Indonesia must decide the issue of single citizenship upon reaching 18 years of age.


8. In Laos, people can claim dual citizenship.


9. The same applies to residents of Malawi.


10. And Kuwait there too


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