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How to speed up hair growth: 3 interesting facts

hair growth

Hair growth: almost 9 out of 10 women call shampoo – one of the main beauty products for personal care because health is very beautiful hair!

Here are the interesting facts, useful secrets and hair care!

1. Hair growth depends on the immune system.

Hair health is directly dependent on our immune system. It is she who sends the stem cells a “signal”, and they activate growth. In order for this process to be harmonious – watch the intestinal microflora and scalp.

Hair growth depends on the immune system

It is worth paying attention to probiotics. These are “living microorganisms” that, in the right concentration, have a healing effect on the microorganism. They improve the state of microflora. This component began to be added to new beauty products that care for the skin. In addition, this ingredient can prolong the phase of hair growth.

2. Fats and cholesterol affect hair growth

Our diet affects hair growth, so everyone should know their cholesterol levels in order to monitor proper nutrition and adjust the foods we eat.

3. Preservatives slow hair growth

Preservatives can cause scalp inflammation and slow hair growth. Always study the composition of beauty products. Pay attention to such components: methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone.

Add vegetable oils, masks and serums with ceramides to your beauty care.

We chose a couple of products that stimulate hair growth and protect against various factors that lead to the loss. We’ll see?

Apivita Toning Shampoo

Apivita tonic shampoo

Apivita brand shampoo tones the scalp, fights hair loss, strengthens, increases density and gives shine. It does not contain silicone and other dangerous elements. The main components: sea buckthorn extract, lupine, lavender, cotton and wheat proteins. Use in combination with balm and special oil. Price from 18.31 USD.

Weleda Firming Hair Growth Tonic

Restorative tonic for hair growth Weleda

The composition includes rosemary extract, which nourishes and strengthens the hair follicle and activates hair growth. Enough to apply a little texture (massage movements) on the roots. Price from 10.30 USD.

Serum Davines Energizing superactive

Serum Davines Energizing superactive

Multifunctional serum against hair loss. It activates growth and protects the curls from the negative effects of the environment. Price from 57.20 USD.

Do you use hair growth products? Please comment.

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