Compliments to the girl: more than 100 examples


Compliments to a girl are very important if you are going to impress your girlfriend. In the end, compliments show that you noticed how beautiful and smart the girl is.

There are many ways to give a girl compliments, and they will always have a positive effect.

Wouldn’t you take pleasure in praising a date from a girl about your appearance?

Girls also love compliments. In fact, in fact, women love compliments much more than men.

To complement a girl does not mean just saying something pleasant, so one of the most important requirements for compliments is to be sincere.

Only if a girl sees the sincerity in your eyes, she will be flattered and will appreciate your words.

Otherwise, you will cause the girl only a sense of awkwardness and irritation, because she will understand that you are simply flattering in order to obtain some benefit for yourself.

How to compliment a girl

How to make a compliment to the girl

1. Compliment her appearance

A time-tested compliment that is relevant for any girl, anytime, anywhere.

Surely your girlfriend is beautiful. So when you finally meet, tell her how beautiful (cute, gorgeous, amazing) she looks.

How can you not appreciate your wonderful girl who has made so much effort to look so good for you?

2. Stare at the girl

This, of course, is about a friend with whom you, at least, have established close contact.

When you are on a date with a girl, your gaze will be one of the best compliments you can bestow on your companion.

This happens naturally when you are influenced by the beauty of an irresistible girl.

If you cannot look at a girl without losing the beauty of her eyes, this will become a clear indicator for her how happy you are with her.

You can also tell the girl that you feel how happy she looks.

3. Compliment her skills

Does your girlfriend have a beautiful voice and is she not ashamed to visit karaoke? Or maybe she knows a lot about fine wines?

That’s cool. Do not forget to compliment the girl for her well-developed skills.

Most men do not even think that women can love when they are praised for anything else that is not related to appearance.

Therefore, girls are so accustomed to compliments regarding their appearance that praising female skills can soften your girlfriend’s heart in a special way.

4. Compliment her femininity

Accept her feminine nature, kindness, and concern. The way she smiles and makes time stand still. Cute movements of her fingers when she straightens her hair and her face flushed, acquiring an awkward expression, which occurs when you praise her.

Compliments to the girl for her femininity is a beautiful and more subtle way to acknowledge her beauty.

5. Compliment with “male” behavior

A man is primarily a defender. When you go on a date, be gallant and do not forget to look after the girl, surrounding her with care and attention.

Find a free chair for her, give her support when she needs help, consider her wishes.

To play the role of a knight and provide a girlfriend with a wonderful time is one of the best silent compliments to a girl.

6. Do not focus compliments on one part of the body

Do not get hung up on certain parts of the girl’s body, trying to give her compliments.

If you want to praise the big breasts of your companion, you are sure that the girl will not react to your attempt with a negative, because she has a slightly different vision of things. Your comment may aggravate the situation.

The exceptions are compliments about the eyes, hair, lips, female fragrance and her voice.

7. Compliments should not concern her age

Having said: “And you look great for your years!”, You can spoil the mood of your girlfriend until the end of the evening.

Thus, you will remind the woman of the approaching old age, especially if wrinkles have already begun to appear on the forehead or near the eyes.

In other words, age is not a topic that should compliment a girl.

8. Don’t mask compliment tips

You should not say: “You are so pretty when you wear red,” or “You are so beautiful when you smile.”

These manipulative tricks to change a woman to suit your needs are certainly not real compliments.

Anyway, the girl will think that without wearing a red color and having a sad expression on her face, she is not a beauty at all, but one of your mediocre acquaintances.

9. Don’t pay attention only to the personality of the girl

Compliments about only personal feminine qualities are also not the best option, as are compliments that relate exclusively to appearance.

A woman is the same person as a man and does not consider herself a doll with a head full of straw. But do not forget that the girl is very important sexual demand and external confirmation of her attractiveness.

10. Don’t tell her she’s not like other girls

If the difference from other girls can be called a compliment, then only with a very big stretch.

Such words will seem insincere and make a woman feel that something is wrong with her.

11. Don’t focus on her physique

No matter what physique you like, complimenting your girlfriend’s current form will be a bad idea.

You have no idea what complexes your companion is hiding, and you can hurt her without realizing it.

12. Don’t start or end compliments with dates

“Today you look amazing as never before” will mean for a girl that on all other days, except today, she looks bad.

“You look great as always” completely changes the matter.

Any girl wants to consider herself stunningly beautiful and smart always, day and night. Just don’t fall into the trap of your words.

13. Don’t attach importance to her earnings

If a girl makes decent money, you should not focus on this with the help of compliments.

Money loves the bill, which means they are a dry topic, devoid of any emotional coloring.

14. The best compliments are spontaneous

Remember this if you want to learn how to give sincere compliments to a girl.

At the very moment when you look at her, what are you thinking about? If this does not go beyond the reasonable, your thoughts that have arisen now can easily be converted into a sincere compliment.

Compliments to a girl who is better not to do

Compliments a girl that it is better not to do

1. You lost weight

You mean: “How beautiful you look. You are very slim and beautiful, and it suits you very much. Of course, you have a great figure at any time, but today you are just special. ”

What she thinks: “I guess I usually look fat. I’m sorry that I used to shy you with my presence due to being overweight, but I’m also happy that I now fit your image of an ideal woman.

And still, we hope that I can easily get into a taxi, which I will call soon, without too much difficulty or outside help. ”

2. You have such beautiful eyelashes

Why would you even say?

What she thinks: “I am very pleased with your words. This is an amazing feature, isn’t it?

I am very pleased that my eyelashes were able to get your attention, and I am happy that I have my eyes, figure, intelligence, my looks in general, only the eyelashes were worthy of your praise.

How cool, when the only thing in me that is able to receive a compliment is a small handful of the hair around the eyes, especially when you consider that they’re false.”

3. You’re not my type, but you’re driving me crazy

You mean: “I had women with hobbies and outlooks on life that were different from mine, and I am very glad that you possess their qualities. I think I did the right thing by choosing you. ”

Her interpretation: “You know, I’m usually not interested in women who look or behave like you, but in general you’re not so bad, and in this particular case I will make an exception …”

4. You look just like your mom

You mean: to be honest, who knows why this could break out?

This should be one of those cases when the mouth works independently of the brain to fill an awkward silence or try to develop a conversation.

Her interpretation: “You look thirty years older than your true age, and you have a lot in common with the woman with whom I want to meet as little as possible in my life.”

5. You have very expressive facial features

You mean: “There is something unusual, but destructively attractive in your appearance.

You do not meet the usual standards of attractiveness, and even surpass them due to the amazing interaction of uniqueness and beauty. ”

Her interpretation: “You have the wrong nose, funny lips and something incomprehensible with the eyes.”

6. You are much more attractive than my ex

You mean: “My ex was a very beautiful woman, there is no doubt about it. But you are just a goddess. ”

Her interpretation: “You know, we are sitting here, talking, but I still do not stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend. To be honest, you are not so beautiful, although you should pay tribute, the former was a little worse. ”

7. You are so tall

You mean: “You may be a little taller than average, but you still look amazing. Tall growth suits you very much. ”

Her interpretation: “To go nuts, I never imagined that I would go on a date with Michael Jordan!”

Compliments to the girl. Examples

Compliments the girl

1. A job well done. “It’s amazing how well you did. I am very proud of what you managed to achieve”.

2. It is a concern. “I can’t believe how lucky I am that I have such a caring girl like you.”

3. Her sense of humor. “You can always make me smile”.

4. Support her dream. “I know how much you want it, and I’m sure you will be able to achieve this. I love how passionate you are about”.

5. Her support towards you. “You inspire me to get better and better.”

6. Her presence in your life. “I am very happy when you’re with me.”

7. Her courage. “You are very brave and I’m proud of how you strive to win.”

8. Her ingenuity. “Thank you, that helped me solve the problem. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

9. Her social skills. “Talking to you is so much fascinated. I am glad that we can constantly communicate”.

10. The taste of her. “And you have excellent taste. I’m glad you made this choice.”

11. The time spent together. “I like that we do everything together. It makes me feel that we become closer.”

12. She adds your energy. “With you, I’m always cheerful and active.”

13. What emotions it gives you. “You make me feel loved and needed.”

14. How it applies to you. “The way you treat me and communicate with me fills me with a feeling that I can be with you a very sincere and natural.”

15. Her poise. “You are so calm. Thanks to you I can objectively look at things.”

16. Her love to you. “You make me feel the happiest man on earth just by being near you.”

99 more compliments the girl

99 more compliments the girl

  1. You give meaning to my life.
  2. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  3. How do you manage to always look so beautiful?
  4. I am lucky that I have you.
  5. You always know how to surprise me.
  6. You’re the reason my life is so beautiful.
  7. When I see you, an ordinary day becomes a holiday.
  8. I dreamed about you last night.
  9. Even when you’re here, it seems to me that you are missing.
  10. You really smell good.
  11. The time spent with you is the highlight of my day.
  12. I see so much warmth in your eyes.
  13. You understand me so well that I think you can read minds.
  14. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  15. I’m so happy just spending time with you.
  16. You’re not just my girlfriend but also my best friend.
  17. One of your smiles enough to make my sadness just vanished.
  18. You’re perfect. I like everything about you.
  19. I feel weak in the knees when they touch me.
  20. I want time to stop when we’re together, but it always finds a way to fly quickly.
  21. I would like to meet you in childhood.
  22. Your sweet smile is driving me crazy.
  23. It’s so hard to leave you every time we say goodbye.
  24. You’re my dream come true.
  25. I love you so much that you couldn’t put it into words, even if I tried.
  26. You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever met.
  27. I love your soft skin when I touch her hands.
  28. I want to spend the rest of your life to make you happy.
  29. You don’t need to change, because I love you exactly for who you are.
  30. It hurts me to see you sad.
  31. Your eyes are so beautiful that I’m afraid to get lost in them.
  32. When you hug me I feel butterfly in my stomach.
  33. You look like a beautiful angel that I’m afraid to hurt this beauty, touching you.
  34. I think that God suffered an Epiphany in the moment when he created you because no one else was as close to perfection as you are.
  35. You’re the only one, for which I thank my life.
  36. I like the way your hair can feel with my fingers when I touch them.
  37. I like it when you say you love me when I kiss you on the phone.
  38. I like it when you’re in my arms.
  39. My every day starts with thinking about you and ends with a dream about you.
  40. You’re a gift to others.
  41. You’re awesome.
  42. You have impeccable manners.
  43. I like your style.
  44. You have a mischievous laugh.
  45. I very much appreciate you.
  46. I can’t imagine my existence without you.
  47. You can obscure sunlight its beauty.
  48. You deserve a hug every second.
  49. You should be proud.
  50. You have a great sense of humor.
  51. Your kindness is a balm for the soul of everyone who knows you.
  52. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give you 11.
  53. Your inner world is as beautiful as you look.
  54. You very much inspire me.
  55. You’re like a ray of sunshine in the midst of the monotony of everyday life.
  56. You see only the best in other people.
  57. Your ability to remember everything to the smallest detail is impressive.
  58. You’re a wonderful listener.
  59. It would be cool if all people were like you.
  60. This dress fits you perfectly. I even envy him.
  61. You allow me to experience more joy in life.
  62. You can dance like nobody’s watching, but everyone is watching you because you’re incredible.
  63. You’re tastier than a million tons of chocolates.
  64. You’re amazing.
  65. When I feel bad, you always support me and I feel much better.
  66. You are very kind to the people around you.
  67. I should be thanking you. So thank you.
  68. My environment at the highest level, because you are part of it.
  69. You always have the best ideas.
  70. You can always find something special in the most ordinary things.
  71. You’re my candle in the dark.
  72. You are a wonderful example to others.
  73. You can always find the right words.
  74. It’s awesome that you always strive for self-development.
  75. Who raised you? They deserve a medal for a job well done.
  76. You are well versed.
  77. You have a very beautiful voice.
  78. The people you love, luck that you’re present in their lives.
  79. You’re like a breath of fresh air.
  80. Your creativity seems limitless.
  81. You go with your beautiful name.
  82. I really like your quirks.
  83. Do you really know who you are and what you want?
  84. It is so wonderful that all the kids love you.
  85. You’re my reason to smile.
  86. You are very smart and beautiful.
  87. You have a very graceful gait.
  88. How you value your loved ones, just incredible.
  89. You’re special to me.
  90. With you, I can talk about everything.
  91. I always learn so much from you.
  92. You’re very sexy.
  93. You make me always very comfortable.
  94. My friends are crazy about you.
  95. I can’t take my eyes off you.
  96. I can’t stop thinking about last night.
  97. I miss you.
  98. If I had a million dollars I would quit my job and spent every second with you.
  99. I am grateful that you are.

When you start to make compliments to the girl, armed with the above examples, you will definitely make your friend feel special, beloved and much happier.

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