The Joomla website was to give a bunch of errors – Strict Standards: Non-static method from jloader::import () should not be called statically in

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Hello, dear readers one of the sites we have made on the older version of Joomla in 2020 (on order), has neither any reason to give a whole sheet error from Strict Standards: Non-static method from jloader::import () should not be called statically in. Interestingly, scrolling through several screens and could the site itself be detected, but which of the visitors will want to do it.

Joomla Error

As I understand it, this was due to the fact that the hoster has updated the PHP version to 5.3. How to eliminate the cause of these errors, I did not understand (I had functions that are called to declare static). The Internet has found the Council to revise the PHP file.ini on the server to disable the output of error information on the screen because the work on the site itself will have no effect.

I was offered to change two settings in the configuration file php.ini, namely the “error_reporting” and “display_errors” in the section “Error handling and logging”. Ie was original:

error_reporting = E_ALL | E_STRICT
display_errors = On

And after the edit should be:

error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
display_errors = Off

After that restart the webserver and enjoy great work Joomla. However problematic the site lives on shared hosting, where it is clear how to get to php.ini.

Universal solution for any Joomla website

So I used a file to remote server control called .htaccess. It is at the root of your website (you will need to connect to it via FTP), and if you don’t have it, just create it in a text editor and fill in the site root.

In .htaccess it will be necessary to add only two new lines (at the bottom):

php_value error_reporting 30711
php_flag display_errors off

Everything after this message “Strict Standards: Non-static method from jloader::import () should not be called statically in” ceased to bother the visitors of this website on Joomla 1.5. I would be glad if you find this information useful.

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