Why to choose Drupal?


According to Web Technology Survey for March 2018, Drupal ranks third in the world among the most popular CMS. This engine employs 2.2% of all sites in the Network. Among resources that use the CMS Drupal, the proportion reaches 4.3 %. Why is this content management system worthy of attention? How to use it to make their own website?

Why you should choose Drupal?

Drupal – content management system, which is distributed under the GNU GPL. Due to this, the engine is free to use for any project, including commercial.

Because of the flexibility and multitasking is often called Drupal is not a CMS, but CMF: content management framework or a framework for content management systems and web applications. This determines the universality of “Drupal”. On its basis it is possible to implement any project: create an online store, company website, blog, forum, or portal. Here are a few resources that work on Drupal:

There Forbes and the government of France, even Playboy working on Drupal.

Drupal develops a community of enthusiasts. Volunteers are regularly updating the kernel instantly find vulnerabilities and release patches, create specialized assemblies and modules, support beginners. This ensures that the engine friendliness of the owners and administrators of sites.

Drupal is better than “WordPress” and “Joomla”? This is a wrong question. Do not judge engines on the scale “good-bad”, not to fall into the trap of subjectivity. Choose a CMS in accordance with the characteristics of the project and the needs of the audience.

The main feature of “Drupal” – flexibility. To explain this, the authors from the official Drupal site used a good image. They compared the majority of CMS with toy cars. They can play different games, but the toys are always the machines. But Drupal is not a finished car, and designer. It is possible to collect model cars, trucks,s or car fires. Moreover, with it, you can do more and the plane or ship.

Flexibility and functionality do not interfere with “Drupal” to be a simple CMS with which you can operate with no special technical knowledge. But working with it is still more difficult than with Joomla! or WordPress. That’s the price for flexibility: you picked up not the finished car, and designer. First, you have to fold up the car, plane, or ship, and then you would be able to play.

In the next article, we will guide you about installation and configuration.

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