15 fun facts about electricity


Electricity today is an integral part of society. While most people in developed countries are concerned about how to save money on electricity bills, many developing countries are working on how to produce enough energy for citizens. We have collected interesting facts about electrical energy for our readers.

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1. 20% for housewife comfort


The amount of energy that is used by ordinary households in the US for air conditioning is approximately 20% of the country’s electricity consumption.

2. Benefited – out of


In Brazil, there are prisons in which prisoners are allowed to pedal exercise bikes, generating energy for the surrounding villages. For this, they are offered a reduction in the term of imprisonment.

3. Money for garbage, garbage for recycling, thermal energy into electrical

Money on the garbage in, garbage disposal, heat energy into electrical energy

Recycling is so well developed in Sweden that the country often imports garbage from Norway for its energy-processing waste treatment plants.

4. Hydroelectric Power Station “Itaipu”

Hydroelectric Power Station

Almost a quarter of Brazil’s electricity is generated by a single power plant.

5. In Switzerland, everything is clean

In Switzerland everything is clean

More than half of all energy in Switzerland is produced by hydroelectric power plants, and the rest by nuclear power plants. As a result, the country’s energy sector produces almost no CO2 emissions.

6. Pumped storage power plants

Pumped-storage power plant

Pumped storage power plants allow you to save green energy for long periods of time. Initially, water is supplied to the top of the structure, and when it flows down, it turns the turbine blades, generating electricity, part of which goes to re-pump water upward.

7. The Engineers Of The Titanic

The Engineers Of The Titanic

None of the engineers of the “Titanic” didn’t make it. They all went down with the ship because until recently, have been busy maintaining electricity generation on the ship.

8. Tea break in the UK

Tea break in the UK

The Dinorwig power station in the UK serves only one purpose – to provide additional capacity during commercial breaks in the movies when everything in the country turn on their kettles to make tea.

9. Cleaner nuclear energy only the energy of wind and water

Cleaner nuclear energy only the energy of wind and water

In the process of the production of nuclear energy levels of CO2 less than in the process of developing solar and geothermal energy. Cleaner only the energy of wind and water.

10. Iceland Geothermal Stations

Geothermal station Iceland

Iceland produces all its energy from renewable sources. Hydropower plants provide about two-thirds of the energy requirement, and the rest is generated by geothermal plants.

11. Soviet nuclear warheads

Soviet nuclear warheads

About half of nuclear energy in the United States is produced from old Soviet nuclear warheads.

12. Water energy in Norway

The energy of the water in Norway

Norway gets 99% of its energy from hydroelectric power plants. This is more than in any other country on earth.

13. Wind, wind, thou mighty

Wind,wind, thou mighty

October 28, 2013, the wind generated 122% of the energy needs of Denmark.

14. Rover Curiosity

Curiosity Rover

The rover Curiosity was powered by a nuclear generator, whose power was barely enough to (for example) turn the ceiling fan.

15. Liquid thorium fluoride reactors

Reactors based on liquid fluoride thorium

Liquid thorium fluoride reactors could satisfy the entire global annual energy demand, using only about 7,000 tons of thorium.

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