Is it worth congratulating an ex girlfriend? 3 conditions

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Ex Girlfriend

Congratulating an ex girlfriend: For many guys, a short time after the breakup, the question arises: is it worth congratulating an ex girlfriend, for example, on her birthday, happy New Year, on women day, or on another holiday?

Let’s deal with the terms of the separation

1. The girl became the initiator of the breakup. NO, no congratulations

If your ex girlfriend has left you, and at the same time you are asking similar questions, then the enchanting dumpling, pulled over your head by the most, do not indulge, has not yet started the process of self-liquidation. Most likely, you are still hoping for a restoration of relations. If you didn’t beat the girl, didn’t drink, didn’t walk, in this case at least 99% that the girl cheated on you. Who are you going to congratulate? Traitor? Take care of yourself or other more important things. Your life is very valuable, you can help many really worthy people, instead of raising self-esteem to the person who spat in your soul.

2. The initiator of the breakup was you. Again NO

What do you want to prove or change by such an act? Smooth guilt? Believe me, if you were a character from the previous paragraph, the former girl would have thrown her guilty feelings to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, but before that she would have managed to impose it on you. Forget, are you driven by emotions, not cold reason, or did you want to have fun? Leaving go.

3. The decision to part was taken together in a calm atmosphere.

This condition is the only one under which congratulations can be justified, while it is very difficult to meet this kind of end of a relationship in life. However, if you find yourself a new girl, ask yourself, how would you react to such behavior on her part? If it’s negative, then don’t do what you wouldn’t like to do towards you. Respect yourself and people close to you.

In general, it is absolutely unimportant who left whom, because such acts, being an appeal to the past, do not carry any semantic load. If you ask yourself the question “WHY” to do this, most likely, after long deliberation, the answer will never come or will be such that it will break into the objection “WELL AND WHAT”:

  1. But she did so much for me – WELL AND WHAT.
  2. But we have been together for so long and not strangers at all – WELL AND WHAT.
  3. But she is my ex wife, and my child lives with her … – It’s logical, but does your child have a mobile phone? – Yes. “In that case, you yourself know the answer.”

Former women are an echo from the past. They are actually the same for you as you are for them, that is, no one. All that was a passed stage, you are not going to go to school after graduation.

Based on the foregoing, the answer to the question “Should I congratulate the ex girlfriend?” Is unequivocal – NO.

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