How to build a relationship: Sooner or later, every couple there comes a point when relations turn into a more quiet and monotonous course. Usually, it is considered that the responsibility for a properly structured relationship carries a woman, and it is impossible not to agree. But we should remember that the relationship is a two-way street, it is a significant part of life, including men, so it is impossible to neglect the fact that mandatory needs to be controlled by men.

In relationships a woman attempting to bend a man wants that he wouldn’t let her do that, so you should keep tabs on the top, and always be ready to make the necessary adjustments. You lead, she led, as it should be, but it is not necessary to be passive visionary or tyrant, to observe balance.

What is the relationship based on?

  1. A relationship is a process that must be developed. Any process, whether human growing up or building a successful business requires the development, otherwise, there will be stagnation and then death. Any relationship will come to a standstill and most likely will have to continue if they do not switch the logic stage. People meet, then begin to live together, then marry and have children, build your family home, go to the journey together, develop joint business, etc.
  2. The partners must have common goals and values. Objectives with regard to the relations is the intermediate and final stages of the development of relations. Values are opinions on things of reality, the role and behavior in relationships, and how to achieve their goals. It will be hard to balance in a relationship if she’s a business lady, and he’s a lazy sofa, or in the case of completely different sexual temperaments.
  3. In the process of development of the relationship partners also should be developed and implemented as individuals. Such development should include both internal self-improvement and appearance. If someone of the partners is strongly separated from the other and will go forward in its development, the relationship will end.

How to build a relationship?

  • Be sincere and open, and build relationships based on trust. A partner, knowing that he can lose, will think a thousand times before he makes an unreasonable act.
  • To build a relationship, engage in a heart-to-heart dialogue and don’t leave conflicts unattended. Silence and resentment can accumulate, while the second partner can sincerely not realize that a negative has settled in your heart. Speak controversial moments and constructively find ways out of conflict situations.
  • Learn to be critical of yourself and admit your guilt. If any of you are really wrong, there is nothing terrible in recognizing this fact, unless of course the guilt is imposed through manipulation. Admitting guilt, if it does occur, usually means running out of conflict.
  • If you want to build relationships, pay attention to the positive aspects of the partner. Do not forget that once he or she became the cause of a spark in your heart, remember this moment and those qualities that attracted you so much and most likely continue to attract you. Make no mistake, do not treat positive traits as given.
  • Do not dissolve in your partner and have personal space. This is especially true for men, who must necessarily stand firmly on their feet and have a hobby. A woman should also remember herself, because a stupid, ugly and sloppy housewife is unlikely to become an object of selfless love throughout her life, even from her husband.
  • Know how to say no. If your address is blatant rudeness or manipulation, this must be stopped. A man must clearly indicate the framework for a woman for which it is forbidden to step up; otherwise, a break in relations.
  • If you want to learn how to build relationships, then try to do more than is expected of you. Take an extra step – a reason for surprise and the emergence of positive emotions.
  • Surprise your partner. Men, remember, women love surprises very much.
  • Relations have become boring and monotonous? Give your woman flowers or invite her to a picnic.
  • Come up with a common hobby that will interest both of you.
  • Remember to flirt with your lovers. So what if you’ve been together for 10 years.

Turning to men, it should be added: the presence of a woman should qualitatively improve the life of a man, so a man should be ready to break off rotten through relationships.

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