Myths about women


Myths about women: A woman is a dream and the meaning of life. A woman is a charming thin nature, loving and tender, fragile and defenseless. A man must make a woman happy…

Oh-Oh. Here you drove, if you think so. Of course, without women we, the human race would not have survived, but do not put them credit because they are in the same position in relation to us men. Very often the role of women in a man’s life is overrated, but how to behave with women, they themselves imposed.

Myths about women

  1. A woman is valuable in herself because she is a woman. If you have been living on an uninhabited island for the past 10 years, on which there are 9 men and 1 woman, you completely agree with this statement, otherwise, the answer will be the opposite. Once in the villages, grief was a family in which only daughters were born.
  2. Your beloved girl is the one and only. There are no exceptional people, let alone women. There are much fewer female psychotypes than male psychotypes; they are generally more similar than men among themselves. I don’t argue, it’s not an easy task to find a worthy girl, and even more difficult to choose one suitable for yourself. But there are much more worthy and suitable for you than you think. Stop believing inaccurate information coming from the TV.
  3. If someone else’s woman asks you for something, you must help her. If you don’t have important things to do, then people should definitely help, and it doesn’t matter whether a man or a woman. If you are busy, you are busy for everyone.
  4. You have a sense of duty to your woman. A man is a leader, a woman is a slave, from which it follows that you are truly responsible for your chosen one. At the same time, it’s absolutely stupid to do things that are beyond logic and necessity, which belong to the category of a momentary whim. You have in full, affectionately and gently show the woman her place.
  5. A woman cannot be offended. Most often, female tears are not a sign of resentment, but attempts at manipulation. If you feel guilty, analyze the situation, maybe they are trying to fuck you again. However, you should not be a tyrant, you should listen to women’s words, women are able to look at the problem from a different angle.
  6. Women are tender, sincere, defenseless, reliable and merciful. Firstly, any person, regardless of gender, can be characterized by almost all of these features, but with regard to charity, this concept has no relation to women. Women seem more likely than they are. Women should not be pragmatic, they are adapted to survive in harsh conditions, they are more flexible, and if you think that your girlfriend can’t live without you, don’t trust her and don’t fool yourself, it’s not so. As for defenselessness, only children can be like that. Women are deceitful and moody, but what they really are in many respects depends on you.

Female overestimation drove into our heads from an early age, and of course, systematically received information could not affect our thinking. But you have to understand one important thing: there are no more worthy men than worthy women. Do not stop in self-development on your life path, become better in everything, and you can meet a woman worthy of you, and you do not even have to run after her. When you are a carrier of value and you are aware of it yourself, you just have to come and take what you want.

Remember one important truth. Never, under any circumstances, become dependent on a woman; she herself will not tolerate this in the long run. You are independent and independent, with a woman you are beautiful and comfortable, but without her, you will just be a little less beautiful and comfortable, and she should understand this. Lead, not follow.

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