How to meet a saleswoman: 3 Amazing tips

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Meet A Saleswoman

Want to meet a saleswoman? Every man has been in a similar situation: you go into a store or shopping center, being in a completely carefree state, and suddenly on the way she, an unfamiliar beauty, who is not a customer of the store at all. And in your mind, there is only one question … how to meet a saleswoman?

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Basic moments to meet a saleswoman

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1. Creating a playful context

Instead of sticking with etiquette and acting as a friendly customer, you should definitely add some flirting.

2. Don’t rush to get the phone number

In most cases, you need to establish closer contact with the seller girl before she can conveniently leave her number.

Surely not one guy is trying to get to know her during the working day. Therefore, to stand out from the competition, you need to either greatly interest the girl, or visit the store 2-3 times, in order to get to know the saleswoman better.

This will allow her to feel more comfortable in your presence, thereby increasing the likelihood of receiving a phone number.

3. Quickly get the girl interested, and then leave

It happens that a girl has nothing to do because there are few buyers in the store, and the administrator is absent.

In other cases, she will be under some pressure, serving clients and not forgetting about the existence of a leader, continuing to work hard.

It is important for you to evaluate the situation in the store.

If a girl seems busy, use the time to walk around the perimeter of the outlet until the object of your interest has a few free minutes to talk with you.

If she can only talk to you for 10 seconds before returning to work, make sure that you are interested in her.

How do I do this? Use humor to make her laugh and feel comfortable in your company. She’ll recognize you the next time you show up.

Most saleswomen visit clubs and bars

Not all guys can boast of successful attempts to meet a girl in a club, so they can assume that visitors to nightlife venues are different from innocent looking girl sellers.

On the other hand, some men say: “I would rather meet a really beautiful girl, rather than the one who visits bars or nightclubs. How do I meet girls I see on the street or in shopping malls? They seem more beautiful to me. ”

But the fact is that many girls who attend nightlife are not some sort of second grade.

They are very often quite ordinary and completely normal. It’s just that day they decided to break away with friends.

In most cases, these are the same girls that you observe while walking around shopping centers, visiting cafes or getting home by public transport.

How to behave when meeting a saleswoman

  1. Start the conversation in a positive and relaxed tone (“Look tired. Probably a lot of work.”, “Wow, what a beautiful name you have.”, “Do you have men’s nail polish on sale?”).
  2. Rest assured.
  3. Have an easy attitude and don’t worry about anything.
  4. Use humor and flirtation whenever possible.

Mistakes when getting to know a saleswoman that you should avoid

1. Trying to have a conversation with a girl when she is busy

You need to be patient and not embarrassed by walking around the store for a few minutes while waiting for the best time to start dating.

If you start a meaningful conversation with a seller, when she is busy, the store administrator is nearby or when customers are waiting, the girl will not only experience discomfort, but will be very embarrassed, and you don’t need it at all.

If you have problems because of you, then be sure that you will not get anything from anger and indignation.

2. Too fast escalation of relations

You should not try to get everything too quickly, because if you decide to meet a saleswoman, you should consider some subtleties.

If you try to get a phone number or make an appointment in less than a minute, the only thing you get is female discontent.

In the end, the girl is at work, and the atmosphere of this place does not quite have the desire to establish a personal life.

If you are not interested in a girl or have not established a closer contact, she is likely to refuse your attempts to get to know each other.

3. Uncertain behavior

You must be sure because for women, confidence is one of the most important qualities that a man should possess.

Therefore, don’t think that you will succeed easily without being truly self-confident.

If you lack confidence, in the circle of attractive women you will look excited, indecisive, and completely uninteresting for them.

Your shyness makes a girl feel mentally and emotionally stronger, which is one of the main reasons why a woman rejects a man.

Some women may involve a guy they dominate in their lives.

But as soon as she gets bored of these games, or a real man appears on the horizon of her attention, an insecure young man will be easily abandoned.

4. Trying to “buy” her attention

You should not use shopping at a clothing store as a way to impress a girl. This will not work.

Your new friend will gladly sell you every piece of clothing if you agree to purchase it.

But the joyful state that arose in her soul will not affect anything.

In order to get to know the saleswoman productively, you must show your confidence and communication skills in action.

When you are able to do this, you will be able to get a large number of completely different women.

A man with such qualities can be ugly, low, bald, unfashionable and without a thick wallet, and he will still be attractive to women.

5. You are unattractive

And we are not talking about appearance. You should be attractive to women with your inner world, but do not expect this to happen somehow by itself.

The main attraction for a man is a woman’s appearance.

But women test us for confidence, the strength of our personality before they feel our attractiveness.

If a handsome guy takes the time of a saleswoman with an uncertain, polite and meaningless conversation, she will want to get rid of him as soon as possible, because it can cost her a job or a bonus.

Not a single girl needs you until she feels attracted to you.

Before you try to do anything else, you should show the most important masculine traits, otherwise, you will be refused in 99% of cases.

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