How to learn to control your mood and stop often feeling sad? 5 techniques


Control your mood : Psychologists have found a way to permanently forget about negative thoughts and feelings.

Many people are tormented by anxieties and fears from time to time. They often doubt how this or that event will take place. Often they tend to think about a person who offended or did wrong. What can help control your own mood?

An experiment that proved that thoughts are material

Researchers from two universities (Ohio University and the Autonomous University of Madrid) conducted fascinating experiments. They were attended by dozens of students from Spain.

Girls and boys were asked to evaluate their appearance according to the following parameters:

  • good or bad;
  • attractive or unattractive;
  • like it or not.

In addition, each participant in the experiment was asked to state any thoughts about his body, possible concerns, or, on the contrary, reasons for pride. Some guys were given time to think about thoughts after writing them. Then they threw their notes into the bin so that all thoughts would not bother them in vain. Other students had to deal with the correction of spelling and punctuation errors in the text. After they were again asked to evaluate their own appearance according to the given indicators.

The experiment showed that participants who corrected errors or reread their own notes changed their attitude to themselves for better or worse, depending on what they recorded on paper. With those guys who destroyed the notes, no change happened. In other words, they stopped reflecting on this issue.

It follows from this that thoughts really turn out to be material! However, what role does the fact of physical action play in this? The researchers decided to put another experience. Electronic testing was conducted. The first participants in the experiment sent their own thoughts to a virtual basket, while others sent them from disk to disk.

It turned out that even manual manipulations made it possible to defeat obsessive thoughts more often than saving a file to another drive.

If you want to get rid of worries and fears, write them down, and then throw the sheet into the bin. For a while, you will be able to forget about them, which will reduce the likelihood of a depressive state.

Five Techniques That Can Make Your Life Better

In many ways, the future is determined by our thoughts. If you lived with unhappy or embittered people, then you most likely began to have a negative attitude towards yourself and the world around you. We are often inspired to think that we are to blame for something. Attitudes that are inherent in childhood have a negative effect on adults as well. As a result, we ourselves become the cause of frequent disappointments. How to say goodbye to these negative points?

Louise Hay is a popular psychologist in the United States, a healer and author of books on success and happiness. She notes the importance of recognizing that each of us is fully responsible for any events in our own lives. Moreover, it is our thoughts that create the future. We often become the cause of problems, but later blame others on them. It is important to achieve inner harmony. Then we will be able to come to a balance in outer life. The psychologist claims that our faith and expectations are embodied in reality. Subsequent happiness or unhappiness depends on the direction of our thoughts. If you believe in love and prosperity, then they will certainly arise.

Louise has created her own system, which combines a life philosophy and techniques that contribute to positive change. She interprets healing as a conscious restructuring of herself and her inner circle. Getting rid of complexes, problems, fears and insecurities, we gain joy and optimism.

These are the 5 techniques to control your mood:

Technique No. 1. Focus on yourself

You need to stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and, calling yourself by name, confess your love. Say that you accept yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages. Such an exercise seems very simple. However, often it involves a lot of difficulties. Many people begin to realize that they love no one. They consciously choose loneliness and do not understand at all why there are so many problems in life. They will need a lot of effort and struggle with themselves in order to realize their own value. It is important to understand that life does not end with solving everyday issues. She is fascinating and vibrant.

Focus on yourself

If you manage to love yourself and overcome unnecessary anxieties, go on to clear your mind. This will allow you to get rid of thoughts that prevent you from living happily and harmoniously.

Technique No. 2. The futility of experience

Make a detailed list of negative phrases that have ever sounded to you from relatives, teachers, comrades and colleagues on a piece of paper. It is worth getting rid of them forever. Take a deep breath and try to relax. Say that you want to free yourself and free yourself from the negative.

Technique No. 3. Freedom from offense

Sit in a quiet place, sit down and try to relax. Imagine being in a dark theater room. The scene is brightly lit, and on it stands a man who should be forgiven. It causes dislike and hatred in you. But imagine that in his life everything is going well. Let him smile at your thoughts. Focus on this image, and then release it. Now take this place yourself. This exercise allows you to forget about the insults. Perform it daily for a month. Your life will become more harmonious, easier and brighter.

Technique No. 4. Preparation for the changes

Negative thoughts fill all areas of life with negativity. It is important to change them to the opposite. Repeat to yourself that you have a great apartment and an exciting job. Struggle for change. When saying such phrases, touch your throat. It is there that the energy that is needed for change is concentrated.

Technique No. 5. Promise yourself in front of the mirror 

Tell you in front of the mirror that you want to change. Focus on emerging at this point feelings. If you’ve experienced doubts, think about what caused it. Try to get rid of fears and anxieties. Say ten times that you want to get rid of any resistance. Hand touch the throat. Look directly into his eyes. Your life will be better.

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