Not to fall in love with a girl: More often guys wonder how to fall in love with a girl. But there are situations of life or consciously prioritized when you have to think about how not to fall in love with a girl.

Sometimes emotions can spontaneously flood and carry away to the very bottom of useless experiences. Falling in love is actually not so difficult.

Moreover, feelings can arise in the address of a girl who, in fact, is absolutely not suitable for you, and instead of harmonious developing relations she can bring only wasted time and memories of how stupid everything was.

Therefore, feelings with feelings, and it is strictly forbidden for a man to turn off his head and completely forget about the need to control his emotions with a man.

How not to fall in love with a girl?

1. Improve your self-esteem

If you are a guy with an inner core, the girl will not be able to hurt you seriously.

In order to increase your self-esteem, you must:

  1. To have a goal, i.e. know what you want.
  2. To understand that a girl is not a goal justifying the necessity of your existence. A girl is a very cool supporting element.
  3. Take continuous action to achieve your goal.
  4. Having reached the goal, set a new goal of a higher level.
  5. To realize that there are very few such motivated people.

When you know your worth, you won’t exchange yourself for meaningless experiences. It is a fact.

People will still be able to hurt you, but it will be only those people who are really worth it.

2. Develop as a person

The continuous process of self-development is the best way for successful men to learn how to stand on their feet and be independent, both from people and other people’s opinions.

For self-development these are necessary:

  1. Develop intellectually. Read books, learn foreign languages, get an education, absorb new information. Reading will help not only replenish the store of knowledge, but also expand your vocabulary, and also assist in the development of eloquence.
  2. Develop physically. Exercise will give you vitality, clarity of thinking, bring positive emotions to your life, as well as a great appearance. In addition, sports activities on a systematic basis develop commitment and discipline.
  3. Develop materially. The struggle for resources is one of the most important tasks of every man. If you have money, many problems disappear at the click of a finger. Only having money, you can live as you want, relax where you want, have what you want. Going through life with a supply of money is much easier, no matter who says it.

3. Reduce the importance of the girl

  1. You must understand a very important truth: all women are largely the same, but the uniqueness of a particular person is the result of an illusory perception of your women. The more you have of women, and also experience, the better you’ll become aware of it.
  2. Focus on the girl’s cons. Everyone has flaws, so focus on the negative qualities. You can write down the points on a piece of paper with all the girl’s minuses, as a result of which you will see that there are no ideal people.
  3. Do not make a girl the purpose of your life and the meaning of existence. Sure, a woman is important for every man, but your priorities should be filled with other values. You must have deeds, which will be the most important manifestation of your essence. If a man is busy and successful, he does not have time for nonsense.

4. Out of sight, out of mind

Probably one of the most simple and effective ways. If the area of your attention to cleanse the presence of any object of perception, over time it will lose the ability to cause your emotions.

Don’t call don’t write don’t show up in the General companies. Live your life and go your way.

If the girl herself tries to get in touch with you, just ignore these attempts.

5. Chat with other girls

You’re not going to worry much girls if you have a large number of balances in the face of other women.

When there is a lot of good, why not regret the loss of a small part. Communicate, meet, have physical intimacy.

Even if you have a steady girlfriend, nobody forbids to have contact with other women, without change of course.

Let your companion know that women treat you with a special thrill. But otherwise, you’re a cool guy.

Well, if you set a goal not to fall in love with a girl, chat with other girls quickly helps to get rid of harmful thoughts.

6. Stay busy and have your own interests.

Boy, if a girl starts to occupy most of your interests in life, consider that you are lost.

How to diversify your hobbies:

  1. Do some exercise. Start running, get a subscription to the pool, jump with a parachute, record a section of martial arts.
  2. Sign up for courses. Develop your knowledge of foreign languages, become a participant in scenic courses, start going to business training, etc.
  3. Start making more money. Move up the career ladder, surrender yourself entirely to your work, organize a business, charge yourself with a wild desire to become successful and rich. Women will be drawn to such a man.
  4. Go on vacation. Take a vacation, buy a ticket to an exotic country in a hotel with an English speaking contingent. Relax, have fun, chat with women.
  5. You need to get yourself up. To spend money sometimes is very nice, and it’s doubly enjoyable if you spend on yourself. Buy some new clothes, perfume, watches, a smartphone, tablet, laptop, car, a Villa in Miami.

7. Be ready to dump a girl

How hard would it sound, you should be ready to throw the girl.

In case the girl decides to leave you, you don’t have to chase her, grovel, attempt to get her back, even if you really want to do it.

For a woman, the door to your life is open only one way. If you decide to leave, good riddance, only let the door not forget to slam it.

If your relationships have not yet passed the initial break-in period of about 6 months, you are generally required to be ready for any trick.

The hero Robert De Niro in the movie “Fight” had one wonderful principle: “Do not have anything you could not part with if you feel the chase.” In many ways he was right.

When not to fall in love with a girl?

1. When it is obvious that love cannot be mutual

The girl initially does not show romantic feelings for you and says directly that you will not succeed, and besides, she has another guy.

“Yes, this cannot be. I’ll get it anyway, ”you think. Dear friend, he came, saw, won – a principle which was applied by Gaius Julius Caesar.

But the stick-trees, he was the leader of the army of many thousands, armed with swords and spears. You will be a sufferer who is wasting their time.

If a girl clearly tells a definite no, the way it is.

2. If you begin to have feelings for the girl close to you (friend, brother, colleague)

In this case, you do not have any moral right to have emotions, otherwise, you’ll have to call some kind of bad word.

Even if the girl herself takes the initiative and declares that her boyfriend is a rare unbearable bastard who constantly scoffs at her and spoils her whole life. This is not your business and you should not have a place in other people’s relations.

3. You’re starting to fall in love with a girl who’s not right for you

How to understand that she’s not right for you?

Despite the fact that, in general, you may like this young lady, somewhere inside you, there is a doubt that something in her still bothers you.

This may be a claim to her appearance or character. Perhaps it does not match your social level. There may be a significant age difference.

You will not be able to deceive yourself, no matter how you try. Therefore, the sooner you understand what you want, and what causes you to be rejected, the sooner you will get rid of the excess load and find a really worthwhile person.

4. You don’t have time for a serious relationship

A normal man is a conqueror of the elements called life. However, trying to sit on several chairs at the same time, there is a risk of being in a sitting position on the floor.

Therefore, in life, sometimes you have to set priorities, the most important of which may be directed not in favor of women, and there is nothing wrong with that.

It is better to be promising, and move toward your goal alone than to become the one whom the beloved woman will call a loser.

If the girl does not bother you, then there is no problem. Otherwise, you have to sacrifice something. The choice is yours.

5. If your relationship with a girl just started to develop

Do not rely on someone you know little. Never trust anyone 100%.

Save the fiery feelings and sincere declarations of love for a person who, in time and in his actions, will prove that he is worthy to be called your lover.

A woman throughout all relationships should be afraid of losing you. If this fear is lost by your girlfriend, she will leave you, and the day before this event, she will probably confess to you infinite love.

Do not bet on a particular girl during the first 3-6 months from the beginning of the development of your relationship.

Moreover, if you begin to show excessive zeal in proving the girl your feelings, the size of the intergalactic distance, and also involve blind jealousy, as a result, you overestimate the importance of the girl and cease to be interesting to her.

6. If you begin to understand that you are being played

Being a toy in the wrong hands is completely unpleasant. However, there is a layer of people who are ready to do anything so that the object of adoration shows at least some interest in their fan.

From the side, this position resembles the behavior of a trained dog or drug addict.

In NLP, such a technique used by the manipulator is called “Closer and farther”, not to get closer to a person, but not to let him go (and who, if not you, will take the drunk girl home after a nightclub, if the only price for your help is “Thank you ”Or the ability to grab the idol by the chest).

If you understand that you are being manipulated and used, without immediately thinking about a turnaround in place and a quick step in your affairs.

There are many other good girls over the horizon.

7. Your problem is distance

You met a girl at a resort. She is not only good-looking, but she has absolutely friendly relations with her head. What can I say, goddess? True, there is one obstacle – she lives 2,000 kilometers from you, well, why do you need all this?

Believe me, in your city, there are thousands of beautiful girls. Can’t you find one worthy that will overshadow your fictional love?

Of course, if you’re a guy with the money, and you can move Mademoiselle to your mansions, get her a job, provide shelter and food in your immodest bungalow, go for it.

But here another problem looms: will your newly made companion feel like a locked bird in a golden cage.

Perhaps you are a person whose professional activity is not tied to one place, and you can freely go to conquer your girlfriend’s estate, or for some time develop a relationship at a distance with the subsequent reunion. The master is the master.

But in general, feelings in such situations are far-fetched. We hung out and fled, the most logical conclusion of the spa romance.

8. For other reasons.

You will feel when instead of the rapid development of harmonious relations, some kind of … rubbish will exist between you and the girl. In this case, be sure to remember how not to fall in love with a girl.

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