9 signs that a girl is lying to you

girl is lying

Signs that a girl is lying: This is unpleasant when a girl deceives you, especially if she is one of those whom you trust. It can be a girl with whom you are in a serious relationship, or a member of your family, or a colleague… In any case, whatever the relationship, it would be nice to know how to recognize a lie. Sprintally brought you signs that you can easily enough notice during a conversation and alert.

9 signs that a girl is lying to you:

1. Her expressions of emotions

This is unlikely to work with an unfamiliar woman because, in order to appreciate the unusual expression on her face, you need to know how she can react in different situations.

The next time you suspect her of a lie, ask her a little more detail and see how she will react. If a whole palette of emotions runs across her face, she will use her hands for active gestures or, conversely, will tell a story with a detached face, clasped her hands, beware. Especially if this is unusual for her. She’s probably lying.

2. She keeps distance

No matter how hard she tried, there are certain bodily gestures that liars cannot completely control. One of these is the creation of some physical distance at the moment of lies.

Therefore, if you suddenly notice how she got up and moved away, or recoiled from you, or suddenly let go of the hand you just held, then you can safely suspect that the girl was lying. This is due to the fact that liars always subconsciously want to create a kind of “barrier” between themselves and the interlocutor so that it is more difficult to catch their lies.

3. Mismatch between words and actions

Again, this is a subconscious involuntary exposure of itself, which most liars do not even notice. A classic example that can be cited is to nod your head and say no.

4. Repeat Question

Students often use this trick during exams – repeating the questions teachers ask them to win a few precious seconds and remember (and sometimes come up with) the right answer.

Liars use this technique for the same reason. Some even repeat the question to make you add more details to the question that may help determine which answer you want to hear.

5. She starts to get angry

Of course, if you ask again and again about the same case again and again … and again … AND AGAIN !!! Anyone will be furious here. But if you only ask for the first or second time about the situation (or about the person), and she sharply releases the thorns, then you should be wary. In a normal situation, a person will easily give a simple explanation for the doubts that have arisen in your head, and will not start to get angry and roll up the scene.

6. Inconsistency

Whenever you start a conversation on a topic where there are suspicions of lies, you may find that some small details are constantly changing. For example:

You: Remember, you told me what a cool handbag Olga had when you went to a bachelorette party last Friday? Yellow, it seems?

She: Yes, yes, yellow, so pretty.

You: Why did you tell me last time that it was green?

She: Yellow, green … What difference does it make ?! Leave me alone. I’m busy.

Something like that. Liars rarely think that they will be caught in a lie, so do not bother to think about the details of the story. That’s why, asking about little things, you can almost certainly find out if a girl is lying.

Another simple trick is to ask her to tell the story backward. Even if she rehearsed the story in her head, she is unlikely to be able to describe the same events with the same details in the opposite direction!

And now it’s time to talk about

7. Details

There may be too much detail or, conversely, too little. It all depends on how detailed she usually tells you her stories. If your woman likes to saturate her chatter with small details, then during a lie there may be problems with the details, and vice versa, if your girlfriend usually refrains from unnecessary details and immediately sets out the essence, then composing a lie, she can add a bunch of details for greater “credibility” . I hope you listened to your woman’s daily chatter well and you know how she usually talks about what happened to her during the day.

8. She shuts you up

If she is an aggressive or dominant girl, the first thing she will do is order you to be silent, and so that you do not even allow such thoughts that she can lie.

9. Recrimination

Oh, this is every liar’s favorite weapon. Instead of confessing a lie, she simply brings a counter-charge, saying: “Honey, what are you? DO NOT YOU BELIEVE ME? ”In this case, you are unlikely to be able to say“ no ”and do without a scandal.

Another tactic is to cry immediately. Few men can keep calm and keep pushing when his girlfriend is sobbing, right? And it’s all because of you! Yes, yes, she will make you believe that it was you who brought her to tears with your interrogations. It is unlikely that you will be able to continue questioning when her eyes are in a wet place, so you leave the topic.

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