How to increase self-esteem?

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Self-esteem is a person’s idea (opinion) about himself.

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Reputation is the opinion (social assessment) of a group of subjects about a person.

Often, modern society is called a consumer society, and money is most often the equivalent of success. We constantly compare ourselves with other people and, realizing our lesser importance, we become discouraged. Why does this happen and is there a way out of this maze of inferiority?

We were all children, did not know how to walk and talk. We did not know what is good and what is bad, representing a blank sheet on which loved ones and our environment painted artworks of their own authorship.

It was through the process of socialization that we cognized the world, absorbed new knowledge with which we absorbed the values and views of different people who became components of our lives. Conscious of ourselves as part of society, we constantly compared ourselves with its other participants, and in the case of difference from others for the worse, separation from the crowd, recognition of being a black sheep, we felt this unpleasant feeling, a sense of betrayal of ourselves, a sense of inferiority.

This was especially felt when we were children because the cruelest people are children because they often do not fully understand the meaning of the words spoken and sometimes are not able to adequately evaluate their actions.

But everything passes, and the time comes when we, as an adult, must look at ourselves and at our place in this world.

If you were criticized, an indecent phrase was thrown at you, and you were offended, then you are the one you were considered or called. You saw a prestigious man with a beautiful girl getting out of an expensive car, and inside you something skipped a beat, you are weak and dependent on the opinions of others, you have problems with self-esteem.

You must not be addicted. Your opinion of yourself should be much higher than the opinion of all other people combined. Next to you, there should be a minimum circle of people whose opinion will be important to you, you should spit on the opinion of all other people.

Material wealth should not be alien to you. You are a person, and you should not fight with your nature and become a hippie, a hermit philosopher or a homeless person. But your self-esteem should not be dependent on external factors, you should not make your significance dependent on the things that you own, or the opinions of people in your circle of communication.

If your self-esteem does not reach a new level, even all the money in the world will not make you happy, because there will always be someone who will tell you that you are in something bad.

Moreover, life can bring unpleasant surprises in the form of losses of loved ones, material wealth, what then will you have? There is the only resource that cannot be taken from you, and which is at the same time the most important thing in your life – it is you.

The absence of an inner core, the dependence on the opinions of others in the case when you stumble, can lead you to lose yourself, a sense of yourself as a person because without all this tinsel you will become worthless.

Despite everything, you must be confirmed from within, and only under such a condition can you be truly happy. Bruce Lee said: “The purpose of my plans and actions is only one: to find the real meaning of life – peace of mind.

All is well, but why this pathos? How to achieve all this, and how to increase self-esteem?

A man is a hunter and conqueror of resources through the realization of his true destiny. Someone else’s negative opinion is the same distracting phenomenon of life as the systematic use of alcohol in the circle of a pleasant company consisting of people who are close in spirit. All this is unnecessary trash, meaningless barriers to your success.

Therefore, awareness of your goals and the rapid movement towards their implementation, focusing your attention on really important things, on what will lead you to your dream, will allow you not to pay attention to all these trifles. When you are charged with a dream, everything else loses its meaning.

A dream is your God. When you go to your dream, you go to God. To be in the likeness of God is to have your destiny and realize it, and all that distracts from a dream is the devil.

In order not to be dependent on external factors, it is necessary to have power. Power means having a goal and self-respect. The goal is your life guide, what you are striving for. Respect for yourself means that you are honest with yourself and always keep your word.

If you told yourself to get up at 5 in the morning, then you will break into a cake, but you will get up. You will do everything you need, and then when you need because you told yourself that you would do it no matter what. Let it rain, let you go broke, let your beloved girl leave you, but you got up and did the thing, and you do not care about the opinions of others.

How can more power be made? Have clearer goals and have more self-respect.

People feel when you have a goal. On a subconscious level, they feel the power in you. You want to go after such a person, and not impose your worthless reality on you. Now you can do anything.

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