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5 facts about why cats look at emptiness and drink tap water


We know that cats do a lot of strange things: they drink from the toilet, although you just poured water into a bowl, or scrubbed the floor next to the tray. There is a simple explanation for everything, you just haven’t read our article yet.

1. Why do cats pull food out of a bowl on the floor?

The fact is that the whiskers of cats touch the edges of the bowl. And since they contain a large number of nerve endings, cats do not like it.

cats pull food out of a bowl on the floor

2. Why is the cat scrubbing the floor next to the tray?

Most likely, she is uncomfortable: the tray is too small or small filler.

3. Why do cats drink water from the tap or from the toilet?

Cats do not like standing water, because it may not be as clean as running water, or have some kind of smell (plastic bowls quickly absorb odors).

cats drink water from the tap or from the toilet

4. Why does the cat rub against the owner?

She is just glad to see you, and she is also trying to understand where you have been, whether you have communicated with other animals. What did you want? Thought you were the boss?

5. Is it true that cats see ghosts?

Cats have an ultraviolet vision and keen hearing. Therefore, when they look somewhere behind you, they can see both the smallest particles and ghosts. Of course, if you believe in them.

cats see ghosts

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