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How to start Jogging: 5 tips


Running is a great way to stay healthy and extend your life. Jogging improves your well-being, energizes it, and adds confidence and enhances self-esteem. If you systematically jog, you are a rare specimen, you are great, but you’re just cool. Such as you are few, and you already have something to be proud of.

Based on my experience, I want to assure you that the most difficult thing, in the beginning, is to make a decision, put on sportswear, take a gadget with you to listen to music and leave the house. As soon as you turn on your favorite melody and run, an unimaginable feeling will visit you. It will be a feeling of freedom and self-identity. You are the best because you were able to defeat yourself, your laziness and your own fears.

How to start Jogging?

1. Decide your purpose

Someone runs for weight loss, someone to feel better, others to get tired and get rid of negative thoughts. Running for beginners is sometimes associated with achieving short-term goals, such as urgently losing weight. Not reaching them in the short term, a person stops going for a run. It is better to run just to maintain your health at the proper level, as well as to increase your self-esteem. With such goals, you will run forever.

2. Run at a time convenient for you

When is it better to run, morning or evening? Running in the mornings immediately after sleep, as well as before bedtime, is not the most useful activity, but you must decide for yourself when you better run. If you go jogging, creating extreme inconvenience for yourself, your sports ideas will disappear into oblivion.

3. Don’t run on the stopwatch

At the very beginning, do not try to set records and prove yourself something, just run and have fun, otherwise, your body will begin to suffocate. Be supportive of yourself, you still have time to make jogging at the speed of lightning, a little later.

4. Jogging is an economical sport

When running outdoors, you don’t have to spend money on buying a gym membership or buying expensive sports equipment. In addition, time savings are obvious, because there is no need to go somewhere; You can go jogging right next to your house.

5. Forget about the opinions of others

During a run, for some reason, the thought arises that people think of you with contempt, watching you run alongside them. This is not true. Remember your thoughts about the people who rushed to meet you when you walked with a tired gait. Rather, it was like: “they are strange of course, but still well done.” You really will not be strange, but different, not like most passive pedestrians. You are better than them, and they know about it. Running at dusk to the included music will allow you not to think about outsiders, and after a while, no one can confuse you.

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