How to get acquainted online: the conclusion. Part 11

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Acquainted Online

How to get acquainted online?

Why we wrote the article “How to get acquainted online”? By the way, below is a link to part 1

No one has ever been born professional in any kind of activity. All of us once were children, were not able to walk, to tie shoelaces, to read. We cried when we couldn’t write the letter “A” for the first time, and yet parents and teachers always came to our aid.

We grow up very quickly, girls begin to attract us, but unfortunately, we do not know how to communicate with them correctly. More recently, we pulled their pigtails, hit them on the head with textbooks, pushed them in the back, and these techniques, as it turns out, are already outdated.

And there is no one who could show us the way out of the impasse, there is no mentor able to teach us the ease of communicating with girls. In the end, we do not have enough sex, and we begin to worry, delve into ourselves, but instead of changing for the better, breaking out of this vicious circle, we throw ourselves into the basement of our inferiority.

We still make attempts to learn how to seduce girls, even read books, but they contain so much useful information that after reading we are lost even more.

And suddenly she appears, all so young, beautiful, smart and, most importantly, loving us, in every sense. Oh my God! This is happiness! We swear true love, after some time we get married, and then …

Is that how it was? Really, without tasting the forbidden fruit, without becoming a sinner, did you rush to confession? Is it really thanks to you that myths discrediting male vanity arise regarding the exaggeration by men of their sexual activity? In principle, this is the choice of each of us.

What do I think about this? I believe that a woman should amaze, inspire, I want to love her for those wonderful qualities that are inherent in her and which, possessing some kind of magnetism, inexplicably attract me. I am convinced that the mere feeling experienced by a woman towards me should not be the reason for my reciprocal love. And you may agree with me when you have as many girls as you want. I think that in the absence of other experiences, the inability to go the other way, the choice becomes a duty, and the desired goals – imposed.

In my opinion, communicating with a large number of girls, including through online dating, is not a goal, but necessary practice, inspiring, giving strength, but still killing the need to continue it after you meet that one and accept one of the most serious decisions in my life.

In conclusion, How to get acquainted online

Dear reader, you have mastered a powerful tool to seduce women. How you will use it is up to you.

When writing the material, I strove to ensure that it became minimal in content but most useful and effective in nature. I hope I have achieved this.

You can follow this link and read all parts of the article from the beginning.

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