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How to behave on a date: Well, dear reader, all the preparatory stages of the Internet dating process are behind, and you are close to the moment of truth. Are you ready for the denouement? Fine. In this case, you should know how to behave on a date with a girl.

So, you made an appointment with a girl who expressed her consent to become a guest at your home. I don’t know if you are worried about a date, but there are practically no reasons for concern.

Firstly, the psychology of most girls is the belief that if a girl agreed to come to a man’s home, she owes him something. Well, all you have to do is use this psychological setup.

Secondly, the girl made an independent decision. You did not persuade anyone, did not insist, the only thing you did was offer an opportunity.

Based on the foregoing, the following conclusion can be made: even before meeting with you, your guest made an independent decision to make love to you today. No one will give a 100% guarantee, but 80% is rightfully yours.

At the current stage, no template defines what and how to say. There are only a few important recommendations about your behavior.

What preliminary steps should be taken

It is necessary to find out whether the girl uses alc##ol, and if so, to clarify what exactly she prefers to drink: wine, beer, and maybe vo###dka?

If you have little money and enough, for example, only for beer, then do not ask anything about alc##ol, but buy what you want. Otherwise, having learned that a girl likes only expensive varieties of red wines, you will have to convince her to drink beer. Why then do you have to ask?

However, it’s better to buy two bottles of wi##ne and chocolate.

How to behave on a date with a girl

If a girl agreed to come to visit you, then the stage of the meeting will be even simpler than a telephone conversation, but, unlike talking on the phone, much more interesting.

Therefore, all that is required of you is to be natural, relaxed, cheerful, in any case, look that way outwardly, and be sure to enjoy the process.

The hardest part is over, and all you have to do is reap the benefits.

Which part of the apartment should a visitor be invited to

This is a very important recommendation.

Your guest, once at your place, will follow where you will take her. It always happens.

Therefore, you should immediately invite her to that room, which, in your opinion, is best suited for physical activities. Forget about the kitchen.

The ideal background for your communication will be a computer or a TV system, with which you can, for example, turn on a movie for viewing or a music channel.

The result is the following: I met a girl (at a bus stop, near the house), went up to her apartment with her, helped the girl take off her outer clothes, led her into the bedroom, in which there is a device for creating the background, and a bottle of wi##ne was prepared. He poured wi##ne into glasses, offered chocolate, turned on a movie or music. Sit, chatting.

Smooth transition to intim

Not always on the first date, the girl agrees to physical intimacy with all the consequences. In this regard, you need to find out the feminine attitude for today as soon as possible, within reasonable limits.

If a girl decided that at the moment she should not rush into her head, then the sooner you find out, the more time and opportunities for additional maneuver you will have, you have completely different plans.

Having found out what you need, you can ask when your guest needs to go home, and after a maximum of an hour, offer to lead her to a stop. Then, at an accelerated pace, invite the next girl.

I am convinced that your notebook already has a sufficient number of applicants for love.

So how to find out what the girl is ready for today? To do this, try to make love to her. And in this matter, a kiss comes to our aid.

That kiss is a phenomenon that makes lovers out of strangers. This is a bridge connecting a man and a woman.

But what is a smooth transition to a kiss with a little girl? You have already prepared everything.

After you poured the last contents of a bottle of wine into glasses, you should observe the fullness of the glasses themselves. And when there is little wi##ne left, offer the girl a drink. An accomplished kiss is likely to lead you to your intended goal. The subsequent refusal will cause the girl to stop.

“But let me,” you exclaim. – And if the girl doesn’t drink alc##ol? But what if I (that is, you) cannot even stand the smell of this harmful muck?

In this case, use another great force that precedes intimate procedures – dance.

You, like a true music lover, probably have a lot of wonderful slow songs on your hard drive. Turn on one of these tunes and invite the guest to slow dance. Closer to the middle of the musical composition, when your bodies are in dangerous proximity, start kissing the girl.

Everything, of course, can be made even easier. Having found yourself very close while watching a movie with a girl – shoulder to shoulder, just using your unrestrained generosity, try to kiss your guest.

What to do next, I have no doubt, you know.

If on the first date nothing interesting came out, do not despair. Most likely the girl simply followed her principles. Invite her to visit again because the repeated consent to visit your house will increase your chances to 99%.

You invited two girls to the company, how to behave on a double date

First of all, you should remember what I already wrote about: this is a less effective type of meeting, but more fun and introducing variety – nevertheless, rest in the company is always good. Despite this, I recommend first working out the meetings “face to face”, after which you will become an absolute professional.

Before meeting with two girls, you need to find out if they drink alc##ol. If none of the girls even drinks beer, then most likely the evening will be uninteresting and futile. Better find another pair.

If the question arises, where to meet: whether you or the girls – your apartment will be the preferred place.

I recommend having a deck of cards with you – a wonderful time killer.

Everything else is your improvisation, based on the experience gained after practicing skills in meetings with one girl. Nothing global to such an Internet seduction guru as you have become; I have nothing more to add, except, GOOD LUCK! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Next, read the conclusion to the article “How to Get Acquainted online”.

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