How to deal with a girl? 9 awesome tips

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Deal With A Girl

How to deal with a girl: People can’t always have the same view of things, therefore quarrels are a natural element of any relationship between a guy and a girl. However, if you want your relationship to be continued and developed, you should try to regain joy and love, and not try to outwit the girl, make her look stupid or be hostile to her. You should know how to make peace with a girl.

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How you deal with the difficulties is very important, because it is precisely these moments that show whether you and your girlfriend will become closer to each other, or if the misunderstanding between you will grow.

How to deal with a girl?

How To Deal With A Girl

1. Chasing forgiveness

If you really insulted the girl or broke your promise, then there is nothing terrible to ask for forgiveness.

However, to prevent this from happening, begging the girl to forgive you is the worst thing you can do after an argument.

Right now, your girlfriend feels angry, upset, and resentful and may not even want to see you.

If you show emotional weakness through your behavior, the girl will begin to lose respect for you, because you will inform her that you lack the inner strength and maturity of a real man.

In most cases, the main reason a girl decides to end a relationship is to lose respect for her boyfriend. She ceases to consider a young man worthy of her man.

Therefore, your words and actions after a quarrel are very important. Either your attractiveness, respect and love towards you will grow, or all these feelings will rapidly lose weight.

When you apologize to your girlfriend, do it in such a way as to be loving and sincere, while remaining emotionally strong.

For example, instead of saying, “I’m so sorry! Please forgive me! I will do whatever you want and promise never to do it again! ”, which will make you look at as an emotionally weak person and will provide a loss of respect for you as a man, you can say:“ I’m sorry that everything turned out. I realize that I was wrong. Next time I won’t do that, so this situation will not happen again. ”

Such an approach will allow her to feel the understanding on your part, show that you are a person who is able to bear responsibility for your actions, and also not to repeat mistakes in the future. As a result, respect and love for you will grow.

2. Pursue your interests

The big mistake that men make in their relationship with a woman is to follow her lead to avoid a quarrel or scandal.

If a guy does not understand what women really want, he can be convinced that making a girl happy means giving her everything she wants. Indulging female whims leads to even greater problems.

Any woman will try to take a dominant position in the relationship, but if a man succumbs, she herself will subsequently suffer from the fact that next to her is a henpecked and rag.

In fact, the woman’s goal is not to become the main one in the relationship. This is something like a test for a man, a way to check his higher status, conducted in a systematic manner.

Women need confidence that their man will always follow the goals and values that he truly believes in, even if such a position is at odds with female interests.

When a man is able to defend his opinion, make decisions and bear responsibility, including for his woman, she, in turn, will be sure that he is able to cope with the challenges of fate that can bring down his life.

Well, if a man always agrees with a woman, what is he capable of in this case? Will he be able to emerge victorious from a difficult situation, for example at work or in another case arising in a social environment, or will he simply remain silent and accept the position of the victim?

How confident will a woman feel with this man at family parties or with friends? Will the man speak confidently when an awkward situation arises, or will he look at the woman, in anticipation that she will resolve everything?

Again, it all boils down to one thing: can a woman respect him as her man.

So, if you quarreled with your girlfriend and are very worried about how to make peace with a girl, you still should not use the words that she wants to hear, just to resolve the conflict in any way.

You can still solve the problem without betraying your goals and values.

For example, a guy with the goal of promotion decided to improve his skills and went to study. Studying can take a lot of free time, as a result of which a girl can feel forgotten and lonely, which can cause conflict.

But it would be better if the guy tells the girl: “I understand that your condition is directly related to my work and studies. But I can’t leave school, because for me it is important. Moreover, training will provide a better future for both of us. However, I am worried about you, and it is also important to me that you are happy. Therefore, the free time that will be at my disposal, I will definitely give you. It will be of great importance to me if you support me with understanding on your part because I do it for both of us. ”

The girl will appreciate that even having made an attempt to quarrel, in order to test your will and determination, you do not fall on her knees in front of her and are not ready to kiss all parts of her body to please.

Instead, you focus on creating a better future for yourself and your girlfriend and give her even more free time.

Your inner core makes her respect and love you because she is sure that she is next to a real man. And if she loses you, she probably will not be able to find a worthy replacement.

You may not know about this, but it is very difficult for women to find such a person.

Women often say, “Where are all the real men?” And they complain that the guys are too weak, passive and weak-willed when it comes to relationships.

When you can become a man with a capital “M”, your friend will understand that other women notice your value. This is often a strong enough motivation for a woman to catch up with a sincere desire to be a wonderful companion to her man throughout her life.

Of course, you should continue to treat your girlfriend just as well and make sure that she respects you and treats you the same way.

3. Look at the situation from the position of your girlfriend

Suppose you and your girlfriend quarreled for some minor reason (for example, you forgot to call her). In your opinion, the event is completely trivial.

However, if you put yourself in the place of a girl and look at the situation from a different angle, you may find that she is not angry with you about the phone call, but acts like she feels as if you’ve been taking her lately for granted.

Thus, the desire to quarrel is the result that she feels unloved and underestimated, and she does not know how to express her attitude differently.

The girl does not want to take your hand and constantly explain everything. Women believe that men should be more mature and pay enough attention to them.

When you know the reason for the girl’s unusual behavior, you have the opportunity to express an understanding – for example, tell her: “I understand that, perhaps, I have not been attentive to you lately. But I want you to know that I love you and appreciate what you do for me, and I will do everything in my power to make you feel good. ”

When a woman knows that you consider her feelings, and not just take her for granted, she will be happy to let go of her anger. The girl will feel loved and desired and will be imbued with respect and love for you.

4. Bring the situation in a positive direction

Quarrels are a natural part of any relationship. If you and your girlfriend treat each other with respect and did not say or did not do anything offensive and humiliating, then there are no reasons why negative feelings should remain after a quarrel.

Keeping frustrations is a sign that you and your girlfriend have not completely dealt with the problems that caused the quarrel. Take away all the negativity that has arisen between you, and let love flow freely.

Always try to bring back laughter, joy and love. When you get used to it, both of you will feel much more love for each other.

However, do not expect the girl to be responsible for this. As a man, you are responsible for managing the dynamics of relationships.

If you push relations to quarrels and scandals, the girl will almost always follow your initiatives until the relationship falls apart.

On the other hand, when you cause joy and love through your actions, your girlfriend will gradually begin to copy your positive behavior and attitude.

So, if you are wondering how to make peace with a girl, you should understand why there was a quarrel, and then try to bring the confrontation to a decision or understanding.

Then just start joking, smiling, laughing and behaving positively, after which anger will leave you both.

Of course, if you feel the manipulation of the girl, or a specific jamb is listed behind her, you must act calmly, but hard. No woman dares to raise a voice at you, to speak to you using foul language, and also to make a fool of you.

5. Change your attitude to quarrels

Most people believe that quarrels are exclusively harmful, but it’s better to look at this phenomenon as an opportunity to strengthen love, respect and attraction in a couple.

To maintain a successful relationship, you and your girlfriend should try to make each other happy, no matter what.

So instead of worrying about making peace with a girl, just show her that you are a person you can rely on, that you are a man.

When she sees that you are the main thing in the relationship, while remaining loving and respecting her feelings and opinions, your feelings will only become stronger over time.

You will be able to feel joy after a quarrel because you know that there is no reason for concern. A quarrel will be another opportunity for you to learn, improve and become better for each other.

9 tips on how to deal with a girl

Tips On How To Deal With A Girl

1. Take a pause

During a quarrel, both sides, as a rule, enter into a completely irrational state, when pride and anger are of paramount importance. We lose sight of what is truly important.

In our ardent desire to emerge victorious from the conflict, it is easy to forget that we are both on the same side.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is to pause. Do something that will calm you down and get your anger out of your head.

Not all quarrels can be resolved in an instant, and certainly not at the moment when you blush with rage burning you from the inside.

So go for a walk or visit the gym to free yourself from anger.

This will give your girlfriend time to calm down, and it will be much easier for you to rectify the situation.

2. Discuss the issue

Most likely the quarrel arose for some reason.

The complaints and grievances that have arisen need to be resolved, and an attempt to hide them from sin away may subsequently take a fiery ball of fire in your relationship, which certainly will not make them stronger.

So sit down and talk to your girlfriend. She will feel much better when you discuss everything, and your understanding and care in this matter will certainly bring dividends.

3. Take some responsibility

At least two participants are required for a quarrel to occur. And you believe it or not, but you equally contributed to the situation getting out of control.

Agree that you are also wrong. Admit that if you were calmer, the quarrel would not turn into a hurricane of emotions.

It is important for the girl to hear from you that she is not completely to blame for violating the peaceful state of your happy relationship.

In this case, she would be relieved to be able to admit that she too was wrong.

4. Make a great gift

This may seem inconsequential, but which woman does not like gifts?

No matter what mood your girlfriend has, give the girl a gift or arrange a surprise.

Make sure your gift is selected wisely. You will not be able to calm an angry girl with any trinket.

5. Hugs are free but expensive

Nothing confirms your concern better than a warm, sincere hug.

Your second half will instantly feel protected and loved because it is this feeling that you want to convey to the girl after a quarrel.

A simple hug will let her know that you love her anyway, and relationships are more important to you than any stupid conflict.

It can be difficult to find the right words to talk with the girl after the scandal, so hugs can come in handy.

It’s not worth, of course, to impose on your girlfriend with your hugs, although some girls will need very little time to cool down.

6. Fulfill her wish

It is not as difficult as it seems. You do not need to do everything that your other half wishes. Do something that the girl wanted for a long time. Thus, you show that you are listening to her and remember her words.

Do this and your girlfriend will know how much you really care about her. As a result, you and she and you will receive only pleasant emotions.

7. Apologize

Undoubtedly, this is the most important and difficult step to make peace with a girl.

If you really are to blame for the quarrel and sincerely want to fix it, you will not be able to get around this step.

Apologize and let the girl know that this situation will not happen again.

Make a delicious dinner or write a romantic apology note. Remember that you do not have to be Shakespeare.

8. Surprise the girl

Come up with something interesting, exciting, something that you have not done before, or did not do for a long time.

Maybe you should take a trip to another city together or spend the night in a club.

Engage your romantic side, surprise the girl and remind her that you love each other.

9. Sex as an epilogue

No quarrel with your girlfriend can be considered complete if she is deprived of the stage of having sex.

This is the finish line that signals the end of the quarrel and leaves an unpleasant event behind.

Sex allows both sides to get rid of the remnants of their anger and frustration.

Your relationship went through a meat grinder during a quarrel, and now you have the opportunity to reconnect with your loved one at the deepest emotional level.

Quarrels are important for any relationship. They add some zest to the monotony of your life and allow you to get close to a girl in a joint attempt to solve problems. Just keep the consequences of conflicts under control, and don’t forget what you need to do to make peace with the girl.

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