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Beauty chemistry: how to mix liquid and dry makeup textures correctly


Did you love chemistry labs at school? If not, things can change after our lesson on dry and liquid makeup textures.

The beauty market is full of different textures and pigments. Previously, to obtain the desired shade of lipstick or eye shadow, makeup artists mixed colors and products. Many girls like to experiment with their cosmetics, and we decided to tell you how to do it safely.

A creamy texture can really be combined with a dry one because we apply the pigment on a liquid base (base). But we should not forget that all face care products, including decorative cosmetics (for example, banal mascara) affect the condition of our skin. We need to approach this issue very seriously!

Loose powder and face oil

Loose powder and face oil

This is a trick that will make the skin glow and replace the porthole. To do this, you need to take your powder or highlighter and add a little oil for the face, which contains reflective particles.

Makeup Powder and foundation

Powder and foundation

This combination is rather contradictory and raises many questions. This combination will make the tone more resistant, but on the other hand – can turn into a disaster. For example, cause an unpleasant feeling or slide. Why? This is due to the properties of the tonal framework (the presence of silicone in the composition or absorbent components).

Glitter and clear gel

Glitter and clear gel

As you know, glitter is one of the trends in 2019. It is used on the body, lips, eyes and even hair. Here is another option! Add some pigment to your transparent eyebrow gel and let it cool. Here is the tool that will help diversify the usual look with the help of bright arrows.

There are also special beauty tools that are designed for layering and chemical experiments. Lip coatings mat any lipstick or gloss, and the glossy textures for the eyelids help to create a “wet effect” on the eyes.

Each cosmetic product has its own formula. Mixing different products, we change it. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict the reaction of our skin. Always check the makeup on the skin.

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