10 animals where homosexuality occurs

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Homosexuality among animals is typical in more than one and a half thousand species of living creatures. It is believed that sexual intercourse in animals is necessary only for reproduction. But quite a large number of species lead both heterosexual and homosexual lives simultaneously. Same-sex relationships always involve courtship, affection, and caring for cubs. We will tell you about ten types of animals, among which this is not uncommon.

These are the ten animals where homosexuality occurs.

1. Hyenas


For a long time, scientists considered hyenas transsexuals because of the shape of the genitals, which were similar to male organs. Those females who have elevated testosterone become attractive to the female sex. They are larger, more aggressive, and more likely to exhibit masculine behavior. Therefore, in nature, you can find same-sex relationships among this species.

2. Macaques


Male Japanese macaques have to compete for the attention of females, not only males. Scientists have noted that the number of poses during sexual contact in females is more diverse. Therefore, females stimulate their genitals about their partners, but males are also interested in them. Males learn diversity from females and then pair up.

3. Swans


Even though swans symbolize loyalty and romantic relationships, it is not uncommon to create pairs of two males and one female. Egg survival in such pairs increases significantly as males fiercely protect their offspring and sometimes even take eggs from heterosexual couples.

4. Dolphins


Some of the most advanced animals on the planet, with their social connections and a particular language of communication, also create same-sex couples. There are cases of long-term relationships and even separate flocks, organized entirely from males in sexual relations.

5. Elephants


Half of the elephant contacts are homosexual. But this is only because the most substantial elephant takes all the females. Instincts do not disappear anywhere; needs remain. If there is no access to females, the male will take care of the male.

6. Dragonflies


Insects are pretty complex creatures to observe. Therefore, the researchers did not find the reasons for same-sex relationships among dragonflies, but this is a common phenomenon. To attract a partner, the insect uses dancing and sensual contact.

7. Gulls


More than 14% of pairs of gulls consist of two females and one male; This helps the colony reproduce faster. There are cases, even when the female is fertilized “on the side.”

8. Giraffes


These animals usually do not form pairs, but practice neck massage, kissing and sexual relations with a same-sex partner among young animals. All this is to improve their skills to demonstrate them directly to the female.

9. Penguins


For a long time, king penguins were thought to form homosexual couples because they couldn’t tell the male from the female. But in 2010, researchers found that same-sex couples are formed only because of the lack of females in the pack. As soon as a new female appears, the homosexual couple breaks up.

10. Lions


Among African lions, same-sex relationships are pretty standard, even though this beast represents patriarchal relationships and is a symbol of courage. Until now, scientists can not explain the reasons for this behavior.

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