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Problems and diseases of the skin

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Like any other part of our body, your skin may be exposed to certain diseases. Of course, this is due to poor diet and lack of proper care, and ecology. Often, problems with the owner occur because of non-compliance with the measures of careful attitude to the skin (women often forget about the gloves for housework and mittens in winter). Today we will talk about the most common diseases of the hands and their treatment.


Dry, taut skin

Such problems with the skin – thereby careless manicuring. If hands are not wiped dry after washing, the remaining moisture in the evaporation dries the skin. Also harmful frequent blow-drying. In addition, such skin may be congenital. Use creams and lotions with lots of hydrating elements such as glycerin, sorbitol, lactic acid.


Rough hands are the result of lack of moisture and fat. To treat a similar disease of the hands, if not help a rich cream, try a mask of olive oil with a dash of lemon juice. Also helps a milky broth flax seed (1 tbs Flaxseed to 1 Cup of milk, boil).

Weathered skin

Dry cold winds, cold water destroying the natural lipid barrier. Flaky skin can be removed with scrubs for the face or for the hands (the procedure is recommended to do twice a week). Also when the problem with the hands, use exfoliating masks, peels. For daily care are creams with moisturizing and retains moisture components (mineral oil, silicone). And most importantly, take care of your hands from the cold.

Weathered skin

The cracks in his hands

One of the most unpleasant diseases of the hands are cracked. This problem appears in the hands, if not in time to cure chapped skin. Cracks are a professional problem of those who have to wash their hands often, — barbers, doctors, cleaners. But they can also be a symptom of some skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, allergies. How to deal with the disease hands? First, consult a dermatologist, then pick up a cream with emollient additives (allantoin, aloe, or panthenol), apply it at night and wear cotton gloves. The therapeutic effect of cortisone cream.

What to do if your hands are red

As a rule, such diseases as red hands are the result of frostbite of the hands or the evidence of bad blood circulation, but they can also be a symptom of the internal disease.

It hands recommended daily contrast baths — hot and cold. Hands on half a minute immersed first in hot water than in cold. The procedure is repeated from several times to several tens times. Then the hands are wiped and smeared with camphor ointment. If a hot bath (35-38 °C) will an infusion of tubers calamus and nettle (2 tablespoons of each herb in 1 liter of water) and the cold decoction of oak bark (1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water), the effect of the procedure will increase. Put your hands for 30 seconds in a hot bath, and then cold and so 16-20 of change. In the evening you should massage your hands with a nourishing cream composed of vitamins and herbs.

Also, help bath of decoction of oak bark. In the evening take care of these hands do massage with a nourishing cream containing lemon juice or glycerin or both. The good effect is observed also when applying creams containing vitamins A and D. And, of course, must be used in cold weather to walk only while wearing gloves.

Red skin quickly returns healthy if to RUB it in at night, the following mixture: glycerin, lemon juice, ammonia and Cologne, taken in equal quantities.

What to do if your hands are red

The problem with blue hands

This problem can occur as a result of frostbite, or — in young girls as a manifestation of hormonal disorders. Therefore, it is better first to consult with your doctor. If the cause frostbite, you must help the same procedure as with red hands. We talked about this a little above.

Spots on the skin

Aesthetically unpleasant disease – spots on the hands. Another name for uneven pigmentation and occur usually from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, but may cause stains from Smoking and aging. Under the influence of all these factors destroyed components, providing the resistance of the skin — elastin and collagen. In addition, the skin becomes thin like parchment, wrinkled, increases the risk of skin cancer.

How to help your hands with this disease? In the summer you should use sunscreen. Nucleic acid creams can lighten dark spots and smooth fine wrinkles, especially glycolic creams. They will make the skin denser.


Another ugly problem with women – hairiness. If with Your hands you have a problem, in any case, do not try to shave hair. If you do not want to have several times more.

The first thing to do with excessive hairiness of the hands is to refer to an endocrinologist, as is often the problem with hands is the result of disruption of the endocrine glands (adrenals, ovaries, pancreas). If the doctor rules out such disorders and diseases, you can try to get rid of the problem in the beauty salon or at home.

To solve this problem, the best, of course, ready to use depilatory (they produced quite a lot) and famous firms and the cheaper ones. Special creams and waxes you can buy in the store and the pharmacy. Usually, every epilator instruction manual and their application usually is fairly simple: lubricated those places which should be cleaned of hair, and 5-30 minutes (depending on instructions) required for drying of the drug and the fact that it had an effect.

Then, ointment (cream, liquid clay) is removed along with the hair, the skin is rinsed with warm water and lubricated with cream with anti-inflammatory action.

Leather powder oneself talc, then carefully applied cosmetic wax, which before use is heated in the fire. Naturally, this method requires special care to prevent skin burns. After hardening of the sharp movement breaks down the wax along with the hair. Method, as you can see, not the most humane, but effective. Alas, it does not guarantee that hair will not appear again, but they will be noticeably thinner and there will be much less.

Using the same domestic preparations can only make the problem of excessively hairy arms less noticeable. You need to prepare a mixture of 6 % solution of hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia (1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops of ammonia) and lubricate the problem areas 2 times a day. After drying, RUB lotion and rinse with water, then RUB in an emollient cream. Hair will not only become light and subtle but also more fragile and brittle.

Disease hands sweating

Disease hands sweating

In this disease of hands, how significant are sweating, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Generally, it should be borne in mind that this problem reinforces the use of any fatty cream. How to cope with this skin disease of the hands? To reduce the sweating produced special aerosol and solid deodorants. From home, remedies to help five-minute baths of acetic acid water (3 teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water) or lemon juice. Useful to wipe the palm of infusion of oak bark, sage leaves, birch leaves, the usual strong tea.


The problem with freckles on the hands, as it is known, occurs in the spring. And if some face they sometimes decorate, then at the hands of delight, as a rule, the disease does not cause anybody.

You can get them the very easy and enjoyable way. Take strawberries, cranberries, red and black currants and gooseberries. Chop it all in a bowl, apply to skin as a cream and leave on for 5 minutes. And what remained in the bowl, sprinkle with sugar and eat for health!

If the berries are still far, and freckles on the skin already there and spoil the mood, try washing birch SAP or a decoction of dandelion roots. 2 tablespoons of chopped dandelion roots pour 300 ml of boiling water. Allow standing for half an hour. Wipe the skin 2-3 times a day or apply lotion for 15-20 minutes. Can be used for compresses, decoctions and infusions of leaves and buds of birch.

Problems with the elbows

The most common problems with the hands — the so-called “goose bumps” on his hands and roughness of the elbows. If the roughness of the elbows small, it happens quite a few times to RUB in a nourishing cream or glycerin. Especially useful to do after a bath.

Helps both elbows, and for getting rid of “goose skin” light skin massage fine table salt. Salt is then washed off, shoulders and elbows use the towel and rubbed fat cream or vegetable oil. Recommend even to RUB salt with cream.

If massage salt seems too radical cure such skin disease of the hands, try to start after a shower to massage the trouble spots with Terry mitten or a stiff brush. Then apply the cream. But this procedure is desirable to do daily.

If the skin on the elbows really started, apply onion pulp on the coarse space, fix it with adhesive plaster. After 20 minutes, remove the softened skin with a pumice stone scrape, rinse with warm water and grease with sunflower oil.

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