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How to build perfect 6-pack abs?

6-pack abs

6-pack abs: The relief press is the dream of many girls. It is no secret that it is much more difficult for women to achieve abdominal cubes than for men. But who does it scare? Proper nutrition and training will certainly do the trick. Sprintally will tell you about some of the secrets of the ideal press.

In order for you to have a well-defined, pumped-up, relief press, you must adhere to a diet, which, for the most part, includes cereals, vegetables and fruits, as well as proteins. It is worth completely abandoning or minimizing the use of fatty foods and convenience foods. They negatively affect the body as a whole and cover your inflated press with a layer of fat. And now we’ll reveal some secrets.

These are the tips to build 6-pack abs:

Important nuances for a beautiful press

Important nuances for a beautiful press

  • To train the abdominal muscles need in the morning. Fasting, when the body no nutrients, it begins to burn its own fat deposits.
  • According to recent researches of physiologists, to swing the abdominal muscles during the critical days harmful for the body. To continue the same workout you need immediately, but after a couple of days after menstruation.
  • Press the same muscle, like all the rest, and rest she needs not less than 48 hours. That is, training the abdominal muscles a couple of times a week for 3-4 passes and completing 15-20 repetitions, you will achieve the same effect as performing every day for 10 sets. A further increase of repetitions will not lead to faster results.
  • Even a thousand repetitions will not give you this effect muscle growth like 10-20 reps but with maximum weight for you. Make sure that you train exactly those muscles that you need in the following way. At its peak performing any exercise hold for 2-3 seconds. So you will understand what muscles are strained at this point in this exercise.
  • Download all the press zone in one day. It is conditionally possible to divide the abdominal muscles into several areas and work through each of them.

Exercises for different areas of the abdominal muscles

Exercises for different areas of the abdominal muscles

For the upper muscle zone (“upper press”) are considered ideal:

  • Crunches (legs on the chair, bed, or leaning against the wall).
  • V-shaped recoveries.
  • V-shaped static.
  • Lifting shoulders up, lying down (from off the floor only blades and lower back pressed to the floor).

The lower zone (“lower abs”):

  • The climb down to 30 degrees(lower back firmly pressed to the floor).
  • The leg lifts from a prone position up to 90 degrees (while your pelvis off the floor has to be ripped off).
  • Reverse crunches (knees bent).
  • V-shaped twisting sitting.

The lateral zone (“side-press”):

  • Twisting to the side (legs on a chair, bed or against the wall).
  • Twisting to the side (lying with a turn, the legs are fixed).
  • Twisting, lying on its side.


The lower lateral area:

  • Slopes with dumbbells in the side.
  • Slopes with dumbbells in the side with a turn.

These exercises for the press are most effective for isolated pumping the press, they are easy to perform even at home. All exercises must be done slowly, clearly, and all your attention should be focused on the muscle on which you are working.

Interesting fact

It is more difficult for women than men to make the press embossed. The reason for this is physiology. Women have less testosterone than men. And testosterone is responsible for building muscle and burning fat. Therefore, it is more difficult for women to build muscle and drive excess weight all over the body, and not just on the stomach.

Normally, men should have about 15% subcutaneous fat by weight. In women, 18% -20%. Press cubes are visible if the amount of subcutaneous fat is 10% -12%. That is, in fact, the relief press in women is a deviation from the norm.

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