How to choose fresh and safe chicken meat? 8 Tips

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Chicken meat is a popular product in the diet of the USA. It is good for health and ideal for diet. How to choose a fresh and safe chicken, read in our material.

Earlier, we published materials on how to choose red meat and fish. Now let’s dwell on how to choose fresh and safe chicken meat.

It is proved that chicken is an indispensable product in the diet, but only if it is fresh and grown without the use of drugs – antibiotics and hormones that fed this chicken, as well as dangerous bacteria if the meat was not stored properly. What should I look for?

Choose fresh and safe chicken meat:

Experts of the talk show “Rules of Survival” recommend that you follow a few simple rules.

Chicken Meat

  1. Chicken should not be slippery and sticky, her meat should be pretty firm. Try finger pressure on the carcass: if the chicken immediately regained its volume, so it’s fresh. But if the dent remains for a long time, so the chicken is stale. If the carcass quite rigid, it is likely that she was drugged with water and you buy water, not meat.
  2. Chicken skin should be intact. Be sure to check the integrity of the skin under the legs and wings.
  3. The color of chicken meat should be pink. If the chicken with blue spots, this means that either the bird died from the disease, or incorrectly processed. In any case, it is impossible.
  4. Yellow chicken — most likely, too old, and its meat will be tough and tasteless. The age of the hen also possible to determine the tip of the sternum. The old birds he ossified and almost does not bend, the young — elastic and flexible.
  5. Fresh chicken meat has practically no smell. Do not buy meat in the marinade with spices. Spices interrupted by the smell of decay, so often in the shops is marinated chickens that are stale and not fit for sale.
  6. If you buy chicken at the store, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the packaging was intact.
  7. Don’t buy frozen chicken meat, as its quality is nearly impossible to determine.
  8. Chicken is better to cook and store in the fridge. If you bought a chicken for future use, store it in the freezer, and defrost on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Here is what an expert on the quality and safety of food products says:

There are many factors affecting the quality of chicken. Among them – the use of antibiotics and hormones for growing birds. The problem is that regular intake of drugs with food inhibits the microflora of the body and reduces immunity. A person is often sick, and treating diseases is becoming increasingly difficult because microbes become resistant to drugs prescribed by a doctor. His advice is to boil the meat by draining the first broth after boiling. This will help get rid of drug residues in chicken meat. Any other heat treatment, such as baking or steaming, does not neutralize the antibiotic in the product.

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