Relationship Expert: How Female Treason Is Different From Male

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Treason: About women’s adventures to think as it is not accepted. Girls we are still running to the lady’s room exclusively to powder the nose, but because of infidelity and to a greater extent recorded in the priority male kinks.

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The popularization of female treason

But the world is changing, and now social mass public joking on the subject of promoting women’s infidelity: say, now young people are much more likely to meet an elephant on the main street, than a faithful companion. And then a summary of the laws, or “instruction for use” offer, where you are advised in any case, your passion does not leave one with friends-men are not familiar, for her not to go. Even a brisk walk in the evening to the store for chips may also turn to disaster if not wait?

Remember a wonderful story about a man who decided one day to sell the cow, that milk is not allowed? So he praised that he became sorry with such a treasure to leave, but because he dragged his cloven-hoofed back to their walls. And sometimes in life, when faithfulness to the satellite is not stored because “change is bad”, but because of the value of the satellite for a very high.

Whether its cow a little aging, with a horn broken off and without milk one-hundred-years-at-lunch, but beloved, sweet and precious, and that competition it’s unlikely anyone maybe. Even hypothetically.


Treason as compensation

In women, for whom (again we have this analogy about cows) a herd of hungry bulls ran, and she took the leash and not the one who accidentally strayed, sure after a while, your stomach starts to suck.

Here she lived with her husband, nursed him at home a couple of children given birth to – and it was all quiet because the other didn’t. And then suddenly it drew the attention of a beautiful man, and the status of married women it does not move: running sticks, gifts, sleep, juice of compliments in the ears of floods. Well, how can we not rejoice!

Naturally, the image of a husband sleeping on the couch, who has never really moved a finger for the sake of courting, is clearly starting to lose.

And then there are women’s doubts and – oh, mommies! – different fantasies there begin to resemble a traffic light system: a red signal of confidence that “cheating is not about me at all” begins to move smoothly towards yellow. The yellow light still does not allow the poor girl to headlong into the grave to start, but the grain “and what if …” is already sowing. And so she begins to think: and that our life is one and only and there will be no second chance, and that “no one will ever follow me.”

In this case, pride is all amused and indulged under the pressure of compliments and assurances that the husband, I suppose, such a treasure exclusively on his hands wears and diamonds with a spoon feeds. And the poor husband, who is not in the know, is demanding something, asks: shirts for him, you see, stroke and pour more soup on the plate. That’s the whole romance, against which their own wilting and uselessness become almost tangible. That sometimes turns on some ladies have a green signal.

The nature of female treason

The nature of women’s and men’s treason, no matter how hard we try to communicate about equality, will always be different. Only a weak percentage of men in the background give feelings and emotions when merging with an “alien” body, but for women such examples, where “Vasya, I’m yours forever!”, Even chew with a spoon.

For example, another reason for walking on the left side of women may be the banalest discrepancy between love languages and her husband when he initially spoke to her in the language of promises expressed in words, and she understands only the language of help and presents. Or he listens with his ears, while a silent declaration of love cannot be pulled out of a silent partner with ticks, even after a shaggy jubilee. Here, over the years, she has formed a feeling of non-coexistence and uselessness, and here again – and the opportunity to feel welcome has appeared.


Body revenge

Of course, still, happen treason format bash-to-bash – it would seem that the unnatural and not particularly pleasant. When a woman is resentment over the changing spouse breaks the roof, and she goes out in a literal sense, to catch anyone who is on his way. In this case, the most after the accomplishment of retaliation usually becomes even worse and more disgusting.

In fact, women’s affair, however, and male – detrimental effect-unpleasant in every way. She recalls always release in the trash great things that are just too lazy to fix, because you need time to look for replacement parts, polishing Yes wash once again, and, worst of all, simply because there is a possibility not to repair it, but go and buy a new one. And the end of this story at all, always different, often – bad.

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