Congratulations on Valentine’s Day to your loved one

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Valentine'S Day

Valentine’s day — the most romantic day of the year where you can not be ashamed of their feelings and thrill to announce its second half. We are sure you have seen our selection of gifts for two and stylish gifts for him and her on February 14. So you can beautifully Express your feelings, the editors WANT traditionally prepared congratulations on 14 Feb. Read on congratulations on Valentine’s Day.

When selected desserts for Valentine’s Day, and even made postcards with your own hands, it remains the case for small: beautiful flow. I must say, greetings love — these are the words that flow from the heart. Greetings with Valentine’s Day — that gives you the opportunity to think again about the power of love and magic that she brings to life.

So happy to be published on Valentine’s day greeting to the man and the woman. And in order for you to Express your words in a beautiful form, to begin with given the options of greetings with Valentine’s Day in prose.



My love, my angel, happy Valentine! You’re my priceless gift of fate! When I’m with you, time stops and the heart trembles. Your smile gives inspiration! You, my happiness! Love you, dear! Appreciate every moment spent with you, every moment. We have each other, you always can count on me! We could be happy together for a long time!

Love, with Valentine’s Day! You’re the best thing in my life. I want you to be happy, to smile lit up your face so that you feel fragile and beloved woman. May our love knows no trials, and heart every time you see him anxious knock.

The dearest and beloved person on earth I want to congratulate with Valentine’s day! Remember, I really appreciate your attention, devotion, care and compassion and grateful for those moments of happiness and love that you I already gave. Let this day be remembered for a lifetime, and the invisible wings of the Amur river will carry us in the inexhaustible country called — love!

I want to congratulate on the Day of all lovers my soul mate – the person for whom I am ready for anything. I am very grateful to my fate for giving you to me. I wish you all the best: love, happiness and success. In one thing you can be sure for sure – my feelings for you will live for many, many years! Happy holiday, my love.

This magical day, I want to thank you for your love, tenderness, attention, affection, warmth. I am very glad that our hearts are connected. I congratulate you with St. Valentine’s Day and I wish you only one thing — huge, immense happiness!

From the list of greetings below, we recommend choosing the most beautiful greetings with Valentine’s Day favorite.


I Love You

Greetings beloved

Favorite, happy holiday
I hasten to congratulate you today I
And Valentine’s Day wish
Love, luck and health.

You know, for me you are the best
And very much I love you.
For each light in the life of the case
Soul thank you!

You’re the closest my man
And Valentine’s Day
Heartily congratulations,
His love warm.

Kiss you hunt
Envelop affection, care
And wish you much happiness,
So began the dream to come true.

I hope you all turned out,
Patience, strength, — is not ended,
The smile on his face shone
Love is around to help!

Love, love, love you.
And to repeat I do not tire of exactly
That you are my fate, soul.
What I need you very urgently!

That I only breathe,
You I the heart, open,
At night in dreams, everyone is waiting for
Without you won’t fall asleep.

And in this winter day special
When the Windows February,
When the cold, cold, cold,
In my heart as though may.

Native, good, congratulations
Valentine, I love you.
Wish you happiness and patience.
Love, my good, you!

Your heart sent,
With Valentine’s Day congratulations!
I’ll tell you without embellishment —
There is no one happier than us.

Say, maybe
But I believe in you
You’re mine, the same man
With you, I’ll be forever.

Love for you I’m saving

And will not let go.
Our happiness will not fade away,
Will become more and more beautiful!

Happy Valentine’s Day
Greeting write.
In it, I confess that man
Only one I love.

He’s so handsome, strong,
Delicate, sweet, honey.
He is the only one in the world…
And Dating me.

And of course, all the words
My favorite for you:
To be with you always want
Very much I love you.

Greetings beloved

Also delighted to present beautiful greetings from February 14 to his girlfriend. For this reason, we also recommend reading about gifts for wife.



Happy Valentine’s Day
Congratulations, my angel.
You’re not a female goddess.
Only with you, I’m a hero.

I breathe you, my dear,
Not ashamed to shout about.
Admire, adore
And you want one.

Drown in the eyes of I,
They look not tired.
For me, you are the meaning of life,
Very much I love you.

Today is the day of hearts,
Gifts and flowers
With Valentine’s day, sweetheart,
Let me congratulate me.
Want to be beautiful,
Same as now
And also smile,
And have fun,
Like a star Shine
Want to be happy
Gentle, kind, sweet,
And love hot
Big and real
Wish us with you!

You today congratulations
I give you a bouquet of flowers
Love for him I have attached,
In which I am ready to swear.

I want you to be happy,
Always with a smile on his lips,
Be always the same beautiful,
Like an angel in blue heaven.

Beloved, gentle, and sweet,
With Valentine’s Day, my darling,
You are necessary as air,
You’re like the sun, it is very necessary!

I wish you today,
That our love is eternity lived
To you always smile
So you were happy!

My sweet angel, my love,
With Valentine’s Day congratulations!
My wonderful, unique,
My personal little slice of Paradise!

Like you, no more,
Because only with you I found happiness!
And your image is so beautiful and bright…
How happy I am that we brought Cupid!

Short greetings

The following collection of love funny greetings you can send to SMS because of their convenient size, but they are more suited for friendly greetings than to talk about the feelings of a dear person.

Happy Valentine'S Day


Darling, darling, darling,
I am very well with you.
Kisses, hugs
And with Valentine’s Day congratulations.

In Valentine’s Day
I want to tell you
Man, you’re my favorite,
Sunbeam in my life
Our feelings let it sparkle
And let the love grow,
Stay sweet, gentle,
Be happy all year round!

Let love give you wings
And warms the heart in the cold.
Romance you like the movie
Because there is an excellent reason —
Today all the Valentine’s day
And the feelings I’ll admit.
The reciprocity request in return,
Favorite, do not hesitate.

With Valentine’s Day,
Cute boy.
You put all cases
And we’ll hoist up a glass
For you and for me.
Will be fun today
We note from the heart.
And ask me to dance
Quickly spin.


I look in your eyes and thrilled,
Your hands touch me removed,
Well, that turned out to be I thy
What brought us into vanity, not to get lost.
With Valentine’s Day sweetie, congratulations,
And all the best to you and we wish.

The birthday Valentin and Valentina

Also on February 14 celebrate the Day an angel Valentin and Valentina, and we can’t leave it unattended. We have prepared greetings Valentine in Valentine’s day and funny greetings Valentine.


Valentine is now a holiday!
Valentine’s day is the day of love!
And many congratulations different
You are thy friends!

Take from me, Valya,
My confession of love
In him, I put my heart and soul,
Love boils in my blood!

You give me a Valentine,
I’ll give you love!
And Valentine’s day
May repeat again and again!

Valentine’s day — not one
The day of St. Valentine!
Happy birthday, Valentine!
Here in the year your birthday again!

The friendship of vodka is attached,
Claimed: really
We love you
All year round – every day of the week!

Always be smart, good
Drink, sing songs together with us –
The path of the star will find
And come to it two hundred years!!!

Good health and strength
The value of the name Valentin
Happy angel, rock-man,
Always healthy to be so.

Let the power of your will help you
Successful in this life become
The trouble is you may not bother,
Let the caress of grace.

Came to you, took a wonderful picture
A bouquet of flowers, elegant table set,
The day of the birthday meets today Valentine
In fancy dress in the window a candle burns.
Let the good angel building wing shielding,
Let in it there is comfort and grace,
Let him settle joy in it, evil will disappear,
And happiness is like a rose, to bloom.

Let joy your eyes are burning,
I want to congratulate today, Valya, you
With the day of the birthday, let the saints protect
From the evil and troubles, let them give good loving.
Let’s not knocking at your door trouble,
The fate of the beautiful wish you want
Still, wish the sea of happiness for the year
Let joy in the celebration of the birthday.

Valya, Valya, Valentina,
Your birthday today!
Know how to live with belief, with hope,
To work and people to love.
You all know sweet, gentle,
Although you might flare up.
I want to wish you
The only joy in my life.
So for decades
Carried others warmth and light.
You to life easier to treat.
Dream, work, have fun
Under the patronage of Cupid,
And the world around us will not be gloomy.

Now in your Arsenal is a variety of beautiful greetings for Valentine’s Day. We wish to spend the day unforgettable!

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