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Top 10 smartest cat breeds in the world

smartest cat breeds

The smartest animals in the world rightfully include species of smartest cat breeds. Cats adapt quickly to new conditions, understand human words well, and are even capable of following certain commands. They are characterized by high intelligence, as the ancestors of these pets are predators.

The Top 10 includes the smartest cat breeds, whose intellectual abilities were measured by American scientists. On a ten-point scale, the animals ‘ abilities to respond to the tone of voice and perform various commands were evaluated. Each of the presented breeds was able to score from 8 to 10 points.

These are the 10 smartest cat breeds in the world

1. Sphynx cat

Sphynx Cat

Tops the listing of the smartest cat breeds. The bald animal is gaining more and more popularity among cat lovers. These are infinitely kind and loyal pets who are very attached to their owner, which is reminiscent of the nature of dogs. They are easy to train and perfectly feel the mood of their owner. Sphynxes cannot stand loneliness and prefer to be the center of attention.

2. Bengal cat

Bengal Cat

The second place in the ranking of the smartest cat breeds is occupied by the Bengal cat. Smart and loyal creatures are very attached to the owner and do not like to be alone. They like to walk for a long time, as they prefer to lead an active lifestyle. Bengal cats are very observant and love to watch a person’s actions, which they then try to repeat.

These animals can independently open doors, cabinets, and even windows. Their high mental abilities are because their ancestor was a wild leopard cat, which had to be smart to survive in the wild. At the same time, Bengal cats are not at all aggressive and are easily trained in different commands.

3. Siamese cat

Siamese Cat

The third place of the listing of the smartest cat breeds is taken by Siamese Cat. The uniqueness of these domestic animals lies in the fact that, unlike other breeds, they were not crossed with other species. Siamese is considered to be very intelligent and curious cats. They have a wayward, rather complex character and are very jealous.

These pets love to be in the company of the owner and are very obedient. If desired, they can be trained to perform different tricks. The animal is very loyal to its owner and remains loyal only to the owner. To their feline persona, the Siamese require increased attention and are very fond of affection.

4. Burmese cat

Burmese Cat

The fourth position of the ranking is occupied by the Burmese cat. This is a very intelligent breed that is distinguished by its sociability and obedience. It gets along very well with children, towards whom it shows enviable patience.

Pets of this breed require increased attention, care and affection, do not like to be alone for a long time. Burmese cats understand their owner well and feel any changes in the owner’s mood. Due to their high intelligence, they lend themselves well to training.

5. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

The fifth position among the smartest cats was taken by the Devon Rex breed. They are loyal and very loving pets that prefer to spend most of their time actively and in the game. They are extremely curious and fearless, so they stick their muzzle in everything.

Devon Rex has a moderate temperament, so these cats get along well with children. This cat finds a “common language” with other pets, including dogs. A feature of this breed is that they are not picky about food.

6. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

The sixth position among the smartest cat breeds is the Egyptian Mau. These pets are distinguished by their special loyalty to only one of the family members, whom they choose as their master. They are very attached to a person for whom they will experience unlimited love.

Egyptian Maus are quite active and inquisitive, they love when they play games that imitate hunting with them. Cats of this breed are silent and rarely speak. Pets love water and often play with it. In addition, cats are very obedient and understand the owner’s commands well.

7. Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat

In seventh place is the Russian blue cat. One of the smartest cat breeds is endowed with a complex and stubborn character. These pets are not very friendly with strangers, and they are usually wary of strangers. On the contrary, the cats of this breed are very friendly with household members, showing boundless affection and playfulness.

These cats prefer independence and like to walk for a long time. The hunting instinct is also very clearly manifested in the blue cat. Therefore, a domestic animal is unlikely to be able to make friends with decorative mice. Cats of this breed are very obedient and prefer not to upset the owner with bad behavior.

8. Norwegian Forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat endowed with a lively mind is ranked eighth in the list of the smartest cat breeds. This is a fairly large animal with a soft character and graceful manners. They are very loving and patient pets that get along well with children and other animals.

Even though the Norwegian Forest cats are affectionate and attached to people, these tailed pussies do not like to be in the hands of the owner, preferring to just lie nearby. Therefore, it is rather an independent breed of cats that wants to have their own space. Pets do not choose one household as the owner and treat all residents equally well. Cats are wary of strangers, but after getting used to them, after a while they become friendly and affectionate.

9. Siberian cat

Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat ranks ninth among the smartest cat breeds. Pets are very affectionate, loyal, and loving. They are interested in absolutely everything they can get to. These four-legged pussies are not averse to playing with the owner. As a rule, they behave calmly if they have the opportunity to spend enough time on the street. With the right upbringing, cats are calm and obedient.

10. Turkish Van

Turkish Van

The Turkish van ends the top ten smartest cat breeds. Pets can show boundless love and affection for their owner. They love to spend time with people. The Turkish van is easy to train. The animal is patient with children and gets along with other animals. The breed can be classified as hyperactive.

These cats love to play with various objects, sometimes doing incredible tricks in the air. Therefore, this cat is not for people who prefer calm pets. The peculiarity of the Turkish van is that it is not at all afraid of water, but on the contrary, it enjoys swimming in some pool. The Turkish van, unlike its own family, prefers to lie not on the owner’s lap rather on the shoulders.

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