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Illuminator or highlighter which one to choose?


Illuminator or highlighter: The beauty industry is developing very quickly. Do not have time to keep up on the market. Sometimes they look the same and useless. We decided to find out whether so it actually?

Highlighter and illuminator — beauty tools with shimmer, which refresh the skin and give Shine. What to choose? It all depends on your skin type and desired effect.

What is illuminator?

The illuminator (illuminator — glow) is a cosmetic product, thanks to which the skin “glows from within”. It not only looks radiant but solves some problems of the skin. Great for use in winter.

Lancome Click&Glow Pen Illuminator, the Illuminator for face and body from Inglot, NYX born to glow liquid illuminator

What is highlighter?

Highlighter (highlight — highlight) — this means unlike the previous product, used to “highlight” certain parts of the face, as it contains a large amount of shimmering particles. A Must-have for summer time.


What’s the difference?

The illuminator has a light texture with a small amount of glittering particles. This allows you to apply the product all over the face.

  • Mix the texture with your favorite cream or base for the face.
  •  Apply the window instead of the base.
  •  Add a drop of the glittering pigment to your concealer. This will help to remove dark circles under the eyes and refresh the eyes.
  •  You can use pigment on top of the powder.

We must not forget that the window can also be used as a standalone product. In order to create a natural glow, simply add a few drops to your favorite cream.

Replace the highlighter, you can use pearlized shadow flicker and Vice versa.

With the highlighter all the more difficult as there are special techniques of application of this product. Remember the basic:

  • The tool can be used on the cheekbones (the”lifting” of certain areas of the face).
  •  Swipe the sides of the nose and “back” can brighten. Thus we get a correction of the nose shape.
  •  Apply a little white pigment to the corners of the eyes. This will increase their shape.
  •  Highlighter above the upper lip adds visual volume.

Before purchasing tools — decide the format of the product. Among the most popular: liquid, dry, crumbly, stick, cushion, creamy. By the way, everybody’s favorite glittering powder in the balls is one of the types of illuminators for the face.

What to choose?

To find your type of product and the pigment needs individually, taking into account the needs and tone of your skin. It is important to remember the main difference between these two products. The highlighter does not hide flaws, but on the contrary underlines them (especially peeling on the skin, which is so often the case in winter). These two tools are very similar and can replace each other.


The porthole is struggling with flaws, masking them. Girls with problem skin should pay attention to the window with a small amount of reflective particles.

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