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Skin care depends on the season. In winter, this is the maximum hydration. The spring-autumn period is ideal for peeling. But in the summer – toning and protection.

The external environment (sun, water) affects the skin. It requires toning and moisturizing. In addition, do not forget about natural vitamins, especially since now healthy vegetables and fruits are abundant.

Let’s make your personal beauty schedule!

Tips for skin care in the summer:

1. Start your morning with a glass of water with lemon

Surely you have heard about this more than once. Better ask yourself the question: is this item on your schedule? A glass of water on an empty stomach will help start the body, and flower water or tonic will wake your skin.

2. Proper cleansing

Depending on our preferences, we select a cleanser. One of the mistakes that girls with combination and oily skin often make is that they use tough foods that clean up to creak. Thus, the imbalance (water balance of the skin) is disturbed. Use products that do not contain alcohol and other “aggressive” ingredients.

3. Sunscreens

SPF protection is your faithful friend in the summer. Check that your product contains UVB and UVA protection. Apply between: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (active effect of sunlight). Most recently, we talked about the main mistakes that we make when applying protective products.


4. Light fluids and emulsions

Heat breaks the usual rhythm of life. Therefore, more sebum is released and clogging of the pores occurs. Fluids and emulsions have a very light formula that is quickly absorbed and does not leave a feeling of greasy. This product is suitable for any type of skin!

5. Do not forget to make face masks

In the summer, our skin needs special care, because in some parts of the face a greasy shine may appear, and in others, peeling. In order to solve this problem, make face masks. You can combine several at once. Still not forgotten about multimasking? Combine cleansing and moisturizing textures!

Don't forget to do face masks

6. Protect the skin of the lips

The skin of the lip is quite delicate and thin, therefore it requires special attention. How to choose your own protective agent? Read our past material: the best lip balms for the summer with SPF. Update the product as needed.

Sunscreen balm contains chemical or physical SPF filters, so before a meal – “blot” the skin with a napkin.

7. Combine multiple products

Do not overload the skin with cosmetics. Replace heavy textures with lighter ones. Daytime makeup will not be needed at all if you put on sunglasses, and before the party – emphasize the look with double arrows. What is no way out of the situation? You can also combine several products at once. For example, purchase an SPF cream with a tinting effect. This will replace the tonal base!

What time will your beauty morning begin tomorrow? Please let us know through comment. Also, please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.



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