5 unexpected facts about Antarctica that you didn’t guess

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Antarctica: Not all the places on the planet have been explored, but there are mostly wildly cold places that scientists and travelers do not study as vigorously as they studied tropical beaches several centuries ago. And ordinary people know a little about what is happening, for example, at the South Pole. That’s what:

1. Tinder is there

And the American scientist is the only person who found a girl there. She was 45 minutes by helicopter from him. They even met:

Tinder Is There

2. In Antarctica, there are places in which for 2 million years there was neither rain nor snow

Dry valleys occupy about 1% of the continent. It is somewhere 4000 km.

In Antarctica, There Are Places In Which For 2 Million Years There Was Neither Rain Nor Snow

3. Most meteorites have fallen on Antarctica than on any other continent.

Well, in general, meteorites fall with the same frequency all over the Earth, they simply do not reach and disperse in the atmosphere in tropical countries, and in Antarctica, they fall into the snow and remain there to the delight of researchers who find them.

Most Meteorites Have Fallen On Antarctica Than On Any Other Continent

4. 70% of all freshwater is in Antarctica

If all the ice of Antarctica melt, the world ocean will rise by 61 meters.

Fresh Water

5. Antarctica does not have its own time zone

Each station lives in time, which is convenient for it: some live in the time zone of the country that is closest, some live in the time of their country.

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