2 tips on how to organize your funeral


Funeral: If you fear that after your death religious relatives will bury you in the family plot, though, and promise to scatter the ashes to the Pacific ocean, as in the few movies read the tips on how to arrange your funeral.

1. Write a testament

This method is suitable if you have some property to bequeath. In the will you specify heir and oblige him to arrange your funeral the way you want. You can bequeath, for example, to cremate themselves and scatter the ashes in a certain place. Your heir will be obliged to do it.

2. Make a will

If you have nothing to bequeath, or you do not want to chat with a lawyer, make a will. It can be done verbally, but always in the presence of witnesses, and can be written in the free form to describe how needs are to do with your body. In your will, you also specify the person to whom trust its execution.

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