Healthy smoothies: At the beginning of spring, when the percentage of vitamins in the body is critically low, each is tweaked as best he can. Nutritionists believe that one of the most effective means in an unequal struggle for immunity is not just vegetables, fruits or berries, but cocktails, which consist of several useful ingredients at once.

Of course, vegetables, fruit and other natural and healthy drinks you can buy anywhere. But it is much better if they are cooked at home – when you do it for yourself, always better. Besides following cocktails and even promote weight loss – so take note.

1. Carrot

Well, who does not know about the benefits of this vegetable? In any supermarket on the shelves, you can see the so-called “cocktail” carrots, which, going from the counter to the juicer, becomes ultrafine juice. But not a single carrot! Here improvisation is important, but we want to advise on some ingredients that certainly will not spoil your drink: Bulgarian pepper, persimmon, pumpkin, walnut and dried apricots. And all this can be poured kefir or yogurt.


2. Ginger

Ginger is perhaps the most powerful product that protects our immune system throughout the winter. Its broth, though spicy, perfectly cope with any viruses and bacteria, so to avoid any cold sore chances are minimal. But ginger root can be drunk not only as a single drink. Him perfectly with the cucumber, peas, broccoli and other green vegetables. The main thing is not to overdo it no more than 1 tsp. And this whole mix is diluted with yogurt or tasteless yogurt.


3. Cucumber

The cucumber itself is quite “watery”, with watermelon, of course, will not compete, but if you make a cocktail only of cucumbers, you will not get enough. Therefore, we recommend adding mineral water and kefir to the purified vegetable. And for piquancy drown garlic clove. All other ingredients (salt, pepper, herbs, other vegetables) – at your discretion. You can drink a cocktail no more than twice a day.


4. Cottage cheese with greens

This cocktail we can offer fans of extravagant. The curd is useful in itself and requires no additional “incentives”, but why not turn it into a drink, diluted in milk? And adding greens (celery, parsley, dill, coriander, spinach and Basil) are you sure you don’t lose the vitamins!

Cottage cheese with greens

These smoothies are so nutritious that they can arrange fasting days or drink them before, and also instead of food. But if you just want to replenish your supply of vitamins, drink them at your leisure!

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