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The most simple and useful diet plan for 2019


American experts on nutrition conducted an analysis of more than 40 popular diets and almost unanimously chose the most effective diet for 2019. Find out what is the right diet this year will be popular — all the details next on WANT!

Experts in the field of nutrition and dietetics have chosen the optimal diet for 2019 and in the magazine U. S. News & World Report has published rankings of the best diets.

Experts believe that eating mostly plant foods can best impact on health.

The most simple and useful diet plan for 2019 are:


It involves eating mostly plant foods and limited amounts of meat and sweets. Type of feeding involves abundant use of vegetables and fruits, lean meat, fish and seafood, olive oil, nuts, seeds, legumes and pasta products based on grain crops.


Experts are sure: to follow this diet easily, it is effective for losing excess weight as well as for the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

In addition, adherence to the diet reduces the risk of developing a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system (in particular, reduces the risk of stroke in women).


The second place of the ranking was the DASH diet (Dietary approach to stopping hypertension): partial or complete rejection of foods with salt content and large amounts of sodium. This diet helps stabilize blood pressure and helps to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract.


The third place was taken by flexitarianism. The main idea is moderate consumption of meat products. Followers of this diet eat the food of plant origin: the basis of the diet consists of vegetables, fruits and cereals.

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