5 Mistakes of wives who learned about the betrayal of her husband

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5 Mistakes of wives: Unfortunately, the cases, when a man starts an affair on the side, not uncommon these days. Each eats your own opinion, what should a woman in this situation. But under the influence of emotions of the mind leaves us, and we begin to make mistakes that exacerbate the situation and contribute to a speedy rupture.

1. Scandal

Of course, you can throw a traitor scandal in full: with a shout, with tears, with fair charges. But is it worth it? The attacks and aggression on your part will cause the same negative defensive response on your part. Better calm down and keep. It is permissible to shed some tears. But it should look nice and tragic, but not be for long.


2. The invocation of a sense of duty

He really is your husband and the father of your child. Yes, you have one common living space and a roof over my head. Yeah, he’s at the registry office swore: “in joy and in sorrow”. But with the constant reminders about it, you will achieve nothing. No doubt – it’s all good with memory. If you need something, narrow down your promises, speak clearly and understandably.

3. Sherlock Holmes

Do not humiliate yourself with unnecessary questions and open surveillance. It will only cause irritation. He will change the password on the phone, and after your Intrusive calls will appear to answer the really important. If you decide to be aware of developments “on the side”, do it very carefully. Interfere with his plans “accidentally”. Patience and a little effort!

Sherlock Holmes

4. Daddy duty

Don’t involve your child in the intrigues and scandals. Neither indirectly nor directly. No man will sacrifice his personal happiness for the sake of the child. It creates happiness in your home with you and your children. Make him understand and feel the coziness and warmth of the family circle.

5. Jealousy

It is possible to hint at the lover, and sometimes it is necessary. But you should not change. In this case, the marriage will definitely fall apart. The husband, by virtue of his masculine nature, is not in a position to appreciate your good intentions, therefore, he will act predictably – the man does not tolerate competition, but he does change, so I’m thinking more.


Nowadays, women began to forget that once upon a time women’s attention and favor were fighting in duels. Today, they themselves are ready to get involved in a fight for a man. Is it really you who chooses another bed? Even if you return the traitor to the family, will he be a reliable partner? If you are sure that you need this man, then act. And do not forget to avoid major mistakes.

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