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How to manage a woman? 8 amazing tips


How to manage a woman: In relationships, the main thing is a man. This is an undeniable truth that you, dear friend, should always adhere to.

In order to prevent female manipulation, a man needs

  1. To eradicate all illusions and naive attitude to women. They are not what they seem.
  2. Do not trust a woman 100%.
  3. Don’t be afraid to lose a woman and not to depend too much on any one of them.
  4. Labeling and always maintain your dominant position.

In relation with a woman, follow these rules, and also do not show the girl that she has exceptional value for you, do not be intrusive.

Do not forget that you can easily replace it with another one, and each subsequent one will be better than the previous one. Experience still leaves a mark.

Every year your value as a potential partner for relationships is growing, and women are declining. The circle of women is expanding for which you are suitable by the age criterion.

So don’t worry. If you understand that this is “not your” girl, do not be afraid to lose her. Not you for a girl, but a girl for you.

How to manage a woman? The basics

  1. Do not run after the girl and do not humble yourself in front of her.
  2. Try not to ask the woman for anything.
  3. If you ask, do not insist. Not fulfilled the request – do not remind.
  4. Do not follow the girl’s lead. Do not do what you do not want to do and be able to refuse.
  5. You must be able to put a woman in her place.
  6. Do not be afraid of insults and scandals.

Due to the fact that you are the main thing in the relationship, you will have to bear responsibility both for yourself and for the girl.

And in many ways, this interaction resembles the relationship between the parent and the child.

Therefore, it is you who will have to educate the woman, while remembering that indulging whims and whims is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, kick yourself.

The mystery in a woman is present only for those who are trying to find something that does not exist. Experienced men know that women are largely the same and stereotyped.

Therefore, you should not strain your brain much when communicating with a girl, since female thinking is very stereotypical.

Focus not on what and how you need to tell a particular woman, but on what you basically want to say, because a woman will treat your words convincingly as a decision of a court of last resort.

How to manage a woman? Tactics

1. Compliments

Compliments are powerful weapons that can be used against anyone, regardless of gender or age.

As for women, for them, it is armor-piercing shells, which very rarely can miss the target.

One of the greatest female fears is the fear of losing attractiveness. Therefore, compliments for a woman about her appearance – this is what you need.

Watering is never too much

You always say compliments to a woman. And it is not very important whether there is a real reason for this:

  1. I think about you all the time.
  2. I always dream of you.
  3. Beautiful eyes, lips, hair, legs, posture, etc.
  4. You are the “most-most”, after which you add: beautiful, smart, best, etc.

This tactic should be applied to women who are not very spoiled by male attention, not the most intelligent, young and inexperienced.

The downside is the occurrence of addiction and the development of immunity to flattery. And if you do not increase the frequency of giving compliments, a woman may even be offended.

Rarely, but neatly

Compliments do not come out of your mouth often but to the point. No more than three compliments in one evening will be enough:

  1. You look great. Is all this beauty really for me!…
  2. It’s very interesting to talk with you. Incredibly nice when a smart girl is nearby.
  3. You look so mysterious … You probably see right through me.

This tactic is recommended for smart women.

If your compliment is not enough for a girl, do not forget about the existence of the first tactic.

With maids as with princesses, with princesses as with maids

Inside a woman, two opposing entities are constantly fighting.

A woman wants to be sh … juh and at the same time does not want to be her.

Despite genuine hypocrisy: “In me, they are interested only in my body. I need more. ”- There is some truth in this.

Therefore, keep a balance in compliments. Be sure to emphasize the sexual attractiveness of a woman, but you should not forget about her deep inner world.

“With maids as with princesses, with princesses as with maids”, in itself means that it is important to play in contrast.

Depending on what the girl is, choose one or another tactic.

2. Dressing

About the compliments have already been said. This is a simple and very effective way to manage girls, with which you can attach a girl to yourself. But not the only one.

Since a woman is an emotional being, she periodically needs to give vivid romantic experiences.

You can have a romantic walk, trip or picnic. Complementing the above with champagne, chocolate and compliments, falling in love with a girl will not be difficult for you.

You can also organize a visit to a bike show, a bike ride or some other equally interesting event.

Such behavior leads to the emergence of a steady chain in the woman’s mind: “You – Emotions – Pleasure”.

Remembering the time spent together, a girl filled with vivid impressions will associate you with pleasure.

3. Carrot and stick

Well? Everything went perfectly, and thanks to you, the girl is in a state of “How good it was, when will it happen again?” In this case, you can play in contrast.

If you don’t live with a girl together, then after held a fabulous date it would be nice to do your own business, putting things on pause for a few days.

If you see each day, just keep yourself calm and don’t give the girl compliments and loud statements that there was no better evening in your life.

You are a man, and you have everything under control. Let me know that you have other things in life.

Romantic dates should not be a daily attribute of your relationship, and they should be systematically performed.

4. Stiffness

And again, back to one of the manifestations of the essence of a woman: a woman-child.

As soon as you began to communicate with a girl more or less seriously, a little time will pass, and a test of your strength will follow, as well as an attempt to find out the status of “main” in the relationship.

It’s very clear to you that you must manage a woman, but not vice versa.

A woman can skillfully pretend to be stupid and helpless to manipulate you and get what she needs from you.

In this case, you can give only one piece of advice – do not be fooled, but manipulate the girl in return.

If a child living inside a woman decided to play a little trick in order to get a small present or a tasty candy, why not give it.

But in matters of principle, you must be implacable. You dominate the relationship, and any attempt to bend you will be stopped.

Even if a friend begins to roll up grandiose scandals, you should stand your ground.

If you can firmly and calmly put a girl in her place, she will not want to throw tantrums in the future, and periodic attempts to become at the helm of your relationship will be very rare and weak.

5. Inoperable

As already mentioned, despite the unequivocal clarity of your dominant role in the relationship, a woman will try to bend you.

Therefore, you should make it clear to the girl that you must manage the woman, but there is no place for the reverse situation in your relationship.

In this case, it is not intended to pour in a few liters of alcohol and, screaming, shout: “This is me in charge!”

If your chosen one belongs to the category of smart women, her advice is worth listening to.

But if you feel that they are trying to manipulate you, use leverage.

Show the girl that it’s pointless to control you, and nothing will come of her.

To do this, follow the rules:

  1. Be elusive and free from female control.
  2. Be unpredictable.
  3. Do not tell the girl everything about your affairs and hobbies. First of all, she has no need to know everything. Secondly, remain a mystery to her.
  4. If a woman asks you something, it is not necessary to give complete and direct answers.
  5. Your behavior and your words should hide the existing interest in a woman, behave evenly.

6. Torture of the unknown

This tactic for managing girls suggests the following.

After a major quarrel or scandal arises in your relationship, disappear for a few days.

Do not call or write, unless of course, you are sure that the girl is interested in you.

Do not forget to appear after some time and remind that you have some understatement.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t need a woman who treats with such an obvious coldness such a wonderful person who you are.

If a girl considers herself a more status person, it is better to start minimizing your relationship.

7. Parenting with guilt and duty

Sex is the starting point, indicating the possible beginning of a relationship between you and a girl.

And if you think that a woman does not know about your desires in the intimate sphere, then you are very mistaken. Believe me, the girls in the subject.

If you justifiably decided to open your hands and start pestering your friend, and the girl includes an image of impassability and behaves in the spirit of absolute chastity, use tactics of guilt and duty.

You should be offended. Stop being all the same fun and happy.

Lock yourself in a little and start talking calmly. You can even take a cold look.

The girl will feel a change in you because women are subtle psychologists.

She realizes that something is wrong, and her understanding of what you need from her will lead to the conclusion that she should give it to you. And the next attempt is likely to be more successful.

If a girl really likes you, you cannot help but notice that in matters of love, relationships and physical intimacy, women are very responsible people.

8. Use of maternal instinct

Undoubtedly, for a woman in particular, and in general, you should prove yourself as a strong, courageous, confident and self-sufficient person.

But men are also people, and most likely they will not succeed in being strong all the time, and why not.

A woman sees in you the image of her father – a protector and patron. But the girls have other settings that should be adopted.

To control the girl, use the maternal instinct embedded in her.

Play in contrast. First show that you are a reliable and confident type, and at some point, show your confusion in connection with the problem.

Women are created to console men, so why go against the tide. Let yourself be bestowed with affection and care.

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