Unusual dates: 5 ideas for lovers

Unusual dates

Unusual dates: It is no secret that in our time, many priorities shifted and changed accents, including the relations of the physical. It before the girl took a passive stance, waiting for initiatives from the male grooming and taking for granted. Flowers, sweets, plush toys, and trips to the cinema today is not so relevant.

Ladies want a more vivid and profound manifestation of the senses that not every man is capable of. But that’s no reason to weed out applicants on hand and heart. Why not take the initiative and arrange a date to his liking? Offer your partner a few original ideas for the meeting, and he will be grateful for your proactive approach to the development of your novel.

Unusual dates: these are the 5 ideas for lovers

1. Intelligent night

2. Everybody dance

3. Horseback riding

4. Adrenaline date

5. Charity

Intellectual evening

When going to the movies and cafes pretty tired, it’s time to “loaf”! Today there are many specialized institutions, where you can satisfy not only the gastronomic hunger but also intelligent. Is it not great to SIP on a cocktail and at the same time to play chess or other Board games in any creative area?

If in chess you are strong, please visit the game of mafia, which not only diversifies your evening together but will give a lot of new and interesting acquaintances. By the way, play with your beloved can not just so, and desires – it will add to the event a special piquancy.

Intellectual evening

Everybody dance

Lately, incredibly popular became all sorts of dance parties, organize clubs, where not only professionals but also Amateurs. Visit one of these special events and will receive a charge of fun, romance, and incredible showmanship.

No matter what dance you choose: Argentine tango, club dancing, Latin American, or good old rock-n-roll – main to take an active part in the action, not to prop up the wall to the side. Usually on such evenings like a master class for all participants, so that even the people who came there for the first time, were able to perform the basic motion and with all to hit the dance floor.

How to get there

To know where will the next dance event, very simple. Online search to find several activities in your city, the dance club. Information about parties and workshops, they usually spread on the official sites or social network groups.

What You Need

Usually, at these parties, there is a dress code, depending on the theme of the event and the dance styles. In addition to clothing will need special shoes, without which access to the floor is strictly prohibited.

What you need

Horseback riding

Such activities not only romantic, original, and exciting, but also very good for health, both physical and psychological.

What you need to know

Do not be in panic fear that the animal will bite you, kick or pound in the field, not giving in to control. In fact, horses are incredibly smart and calm by nature. There are, of course, with the character of a horse, but they will not be offered to you for a walk, rest assured. The main thing is not to approach the animal from behind, not to touch its tail, and to know elementary commands to control the movement: to turn right, it is enough to tighten the right side of the reins, to the left – left respectively. You can stop a horse by pulling the reins on yourself and not by persuading the horse to stop moving.

How to dress

For clothes for horse riding, too, has its own requirements. Focus on shoes and pants. Shoes should be on a small heel and not grooved, and pants without accessories and flared, so that nothing has caught on the stirrup during the ride. Long hair is recommended to be collected so that they would not cling to anything and do not close your view while moving.

How to establish contact with the horse

It is necessary to approach an animal with a good mood, without aggression and irritation – horses perfectly read all human emotions. Stroke your horse on the mane, say a few kind words. Sticking ears – the first sign that the horse is located to you-you can put on a bridle. Not superfluous and treat for a new friend. Sugar, crackers, and carrots enjoy special love among the horses. It is not necessary to offer bread to horses – it is harmful to them.

How to make contact with the horse

Horse riding can be combined with a thematic photoshoot. Check with the instructor, and he will select for this purpose a calm and trained animal. Such photos will become a real decoration of any album or page in social networks.

Adrenaline date

An extreme scenario for a romantic meeting is not for everyone. Pre-learn about each other’s fears, so as not to turn the date into torture. If you both love the thrill, then feel free to plan on a hang-glider, parachuting, kayaking on a mountain river, or going to an amusement park, where it is breathtaking. Such experiences bring lovers together much better than vanilla dates according to the standard scenario. Such meetings you will never forget, and perhaps even get a common active hobby.

Adrenaline date


A great idea for joint leisure is to dedicate the day to good deeds. Offer your loved one to try volunteering. Surely, in your city, there are organizations that provide all possible assistance to those in need. As a rule, they do not refuse the services of volunteers. Choose directions to your liking: visiting orphanages, distributing free lunches in the dining room, collecting clothes, toys, books, or even visiting an animal shelter. Such activities will allow both of you to show your best spiritual qualities and combine your efforts in the implementation of good plans.


Feel free to suggest favorite interesting ideas on how to spend free time together. The non-standard approach, keep your relationship always fresh and warm and you never want to rest apart, thereby moving away from each other. Get new ideas from different sources and do not stop creating for the benefit of your romantic relationship.

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