5 common misconceptions about cancer

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Misconceptions About Cancer

Misconceptions about cancer: The scientific portal Naked Science released a video in which he told about the most famous myths about cancer. We tell why you should stop being afraid of using mobile phones and start being more careful in the sun.

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1. Sweeteners and mobile phones cause cancer

In the 1970s, a study was conducted proving that sugar substitutes cause cancer. Later it was refuted several times, as was the negative impact of mobile phones. Therefore, now WHO does not consider new iPhones dangerous to health, unlike smoking, poor nutrition and alcohol consumption.

2. Black people do not have skin cancer

This is not true. Skin cancer can occur in a person of any nationality. Only in the early stages, it will be more difficult to notice on the dark skin because it shows worse changes in pigmentation.

3. Fat is bad for the heart but does not cause cancer.

Excess fat in the body is very dangerous for health and can cause cancer of the pancreas and thyroid, kidney, gallbladder. And if cancer is already diagnosed, then overweight will complicate the situation: substances produced by fat cells inhibit treatment processes.

4. Cancer cannot be infected

Cancer really does not spread from person to person, which is not the case for viruses associated with it. Thus, in recent years, 70% of cases of throat cancer have been caused by the human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease.

5. Tanning cream protects against skin cancer

Any tan, whether it is from the sun or from a tanning bed, is extremely dangerous and increases the risk of developing skin cancer, from which sunburn cream will not save. However, this does not mean that they should not be used at all, yet it saves the body from being burned in the sun – a condition that increases the chance of developing melanoma several times.

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