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10 instagrams of talented makeup artists that you should follow right now

makeup artists

Makeup artists: Modern and advanced beauty bloggers do not post contouring instructions, do not draw shadows in arcs and do not look like photo-shocked princesses. They are experimenting a lot, they are not afraid of bright colors, glitter and freckles painted. Below a dozen Instagrams of talented makeup artists who will inspire you with unusual makeup.

1. Sara Urbano

Graphic arrows, bright shade. Makeup artist from Portugal makes a very unusual eye makeup. We will not find the eyebrow on the line and false lashes, but you will find inspiration for their own images.

Sara Urbano

2. Faith

Fifteen-year-old faith creates cool body art, using not only cosmetics but also paper or beads. No tongue-in-cheek gloss – regular phone camera, but the true art.


3. Sara Engel

The Danish Sarah Engel you will find a crazy makeup with the colors “red-eye”, and a glamorous fashion shoot. Ong experimenting, loves colored eyebrows, dramatic eyelashes, glowing and blue.

Sara Engel

4. Luna Kids Niemiec

Instagram make-up-ninja (in her own words) Evelina Nemec is what you need if you are going for some cool festival. Evelina loves to draw freckles and sticking flowers from your own garden on your own face.

Luna Kids Niemiec

5. Juliana Horner

Julianne Horner is an artist and fashion designer who makes very beautiful and intricate makeup. It is inspired by David Bowie, björk and Kabuki theater. To repeat the makeup you might not succeed, but to enjoy the art of makeup you can

Juliana Horner

6. Elin Werme

Elin Verma – student of the faculty of architecture in her spare time, she does make-UPS and puts them in Instagram. Her most popular makeup – the thin red line, which you can easily repeat.

Elin Werme

7. Sydney Szramowski

A very bold and crazy makeup options you will find on Instagram fashion blogger Sydney Szramowski. A lot of bright and unusual, lots of sequins, shimmers/highlighters with chunky jewelry or fur sandals.

Sydney Szramowski

8. Kira

Nineteen-year-old Kira loves colored lashes and graphic makeup. She takes step-by-step makeup lessons, experimenting and not afraid to shave your eyebrows for the next image.


9. Bex Lecter

Bex Lecter, it seems, does not invent anything new: straight bangs, black hair, coal smoky eyes and red lips. Modern Gothic, which is exactly like you. And from her graphic makeup, you’ll love.

Bex Lecter

10. Atlantip

Hannah is experimenting with make-up, using false eyelashes, neon shadows, and glitter liners in different colors. Sometimes you get cocky and punk images, and sometimes delicate as in the photo.


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