How to entertain children on vacation?

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New Year’s holidays, as a rule, are eagerly awaited by both children and adults: children want to rest from endless activities, and adults from the need to control everything, but especially from homework with children.

We will devote our today’s material to what to occupy a child on vacation and offer the most useful activities for children during the New Year holidays. After all, this is the most wonderful time to be with the whole family together, to enjoy communication with each other, to play and develop.


The best time to be together

Time for Christmas holidays is coming, many parents begin to “break our heads” over what to occupy the child on vacation, and so he was pleased, and adults do not interfere.

Immediately it should be said that this view is not just wrong, but very harmful for children and for parents: unfortunately, most adults seek to differentiate and separate “your world” from “world of children”, while these divisions exist only in our brain. Child psychologists believe: parents need to think about how to take children on vacation, and about what they can do with them.

But usually, the adults from this “dismiss”, justifying himself with the eternal lack of time and effort. Meanwhile, the holidays are the best time to finally spend some time together in the weekdays we have jobs, children, school, and even just to talk is not always possible. Plan some special activities optional: the main thing – to do something together, and best of all – the whole family, and even friends children to invite – the latter is very important, but many parents forget about it.

Vacation from school during the new year holidays

Older students generally require less attention – they “occupy themselves”, although parents should always closely communicate with their children, regardless of age last. And here about “how to take a” younger children, parents often worry.

So many parents want to engage with the child almost from the first days of rest, and believe that doing the right thing, and suddenly he for the holidays “will be forgotten”?

This approach is invalid: children are loaded in the school “the roof”, and overworked like us at their age “I never dreamed”. Emotional and mental overload are exacerbated by the lack of movement, and if we are on vacation to get the child to engage and encourage the seat at the computer – “just not bothered!”, the new school term fatigue will quickly return, will start cold, missing classes, and then a decline in academic performance – will have to “catch up.”

The best lesson – development and creativity

Skills of writing and reading, especially among younger students, you can develop and without school textbooks, and in the course of different assignments, collaborative activities and games.

That’s the question: so what to do with young children on vacation? For example, you can read interesting books aloud, one at a time, or ask your child to help write postcards to friends and family.

development and creativity

Any useful educational Board game related to the development of attention and imagination – now there are available a lot; watching educational programs and training films, causing a lot of questions: answers to questions it is better to search together, and not try to “chew” to the child all at once.

In General, contributes to the development of any creative activity, especially applied: the usual game where the items need to take hands and to visually improve attention, memory, thinking and perception of the child.

kid with mother

How to spend time with health benefits

If on vacation you do not plan to go out of town, consider all the possibilities “rest on the ground.” In everyday life parents and children rarely see something besides work and school, and in the evenings are at home – not to entertainment; on weekends the adults always the case.

What to do with a child on the street? Go walking together with children in the Park, on the square, visit some of the Christmas celebrations themselves take in all the things an active part; go to the kid’s play movies or the circus, and be sure to share your experiences is most important. However, you should not try to see as much as possible and to “get anywhere”. So you can tire the child not less, than in days of school: every day in transport, in the crowd, and too many bright emotions during the new year holidays and vacations the children are literally “filled up” experiences, and can start to be capricious and irritable.

spend time with health benefits

Best useful children are normal walking, sledding, skating, snowball fight and snowman are often useful, but if you will be able to involve friends and their children will turn out just fine. And even more interesting can be a home pastime, and also in a big company.

Don’t forget the “extra trouble” to maintain order is always possible, and allow your child to invite friends home, bake pies together, pizza or cookies, organize games and a tea party: you can hardly find something more precious than an opportunity for all to do together. For those wishing to conduct a simple master class in cooking “something delicious”, and boys interested in nothing less than girls.


Holidays begin with Christmas mood

New year holidays with family and friends who stay in children’s memory as the most joyful time, if the adult will make quite a bit of effort. Of course, the best way to take a child during the holidays – together to dress up the green beauty. This is the magic of magic and fairy tales, which is a bright spot in the memory will go from year to year with your baby. And this tale he will present to his children – a rich family heritage, isn’t it?

School holidays normally begin on 28 December, so the Christmas tree must together. Well, if you have vintage toys and related memories that parents share with a child is very common. Just recall that to decorate a Christmas tree like all children, but to take it apart then very few people want. But it is possible to arrange so that children are interested in. Of course, it is a pity that we dispose of trees not organized as in other countries: for example, their wood and pine needles do hygienic fillers for Pets, paper, fuel briquettes and furniture. But, if the city has a zoo, you can take the Christmas tree: many animals are happy to eat pine needles, but on the Mat, it is suitable for almost everyone.

Still, it is possible to select the best needles to use as raw material for the preparation of folk remedies to help with colds: in our climate, it will not be superfluous.

Christmas mood

Decorate for New year and Christmas not only his apartment but the landing and even the whole staircase: it does not require extra costs. From old cardboard boxes and scraps of Wallpaper can do miracles: cut stars, Christmas trees, figures of animals, Father Frost and Snow Maiden, and, by way of an application, to create a whole narrative painting on the walls. All your family can draw posters, wall Newspapers, posters on a Christmas theme; make wreaths and other decorations from any “secondary” materials – for example, from the bottoms of plastic bottles if you paint them, get the original volumetric snowflakes.

Decorating the porch, you can spend family photo shoot, and not only the family, and invite neighbors to participate: positive communication and positive emotions is the best thing that we can share with children and adults. Photo shoots can be arranged on walks, and on a background of festive decorations and nature: the more and the merrier the company is, the better. And be sure to invite the children to learn to photograph and that is: whatever happened to their first pictures when you look at them you will always have to up the mood.

In conclusion, I want to say to parents: don’t be afraid to “lose control” over the children just love them, and then you will not feel that communication with them “takes time”. Have fun and rejoice sincerely, and don’t forget that the child lives in the soul of man always be true friends of their children, and you will become happy really!

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