15 cute houses, in the existence of which it is difficult to believe


Recently, small mobile houses are gaining increasing popularity. Especially among those who do not like to stay long in one place but prefer to travel around the world or simply do not have the opportunity to acquire a full-fledged housing. These modern houses in most cases resemble the home of some fairy-tale creatures whose existence is difficult to believe.

1. The Finnish Lake

The Finnish Lake

The design of this house is, first of all, in obtaining natural lighting. Hence the geometric shape and windows, due to which most of the time penetrates daylight.

2. Hospitable house

Hospitable house

This house, so similar in appearance to the car is actually very cozy and multifunctional inside. It has everything you need for a full life at any time of the year.

3. Wooden bungalow

Wooden bungalow

The exterior and interior design of the house is made in a light color palette. Such warm colors and shades visually expand the space, creating a special atmosphere of coziness and warmth.

4. The house on wheels

The house on wheels

The main accent in the design of this house is a bright, green door, which, by its very appearance, invites you to look inward and appreciate a quite cozy, modern environment.

5. A tiny hotel

A tiny hotel

Let this not be a five-star mansion, but these lovely, cozy houses can accommodate up to four adults who will not interfere with each other.


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