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Best movies of Mickey Rourke


Everyone knows Mickey Rourke as a professional actor, screenwriter, but few know that he is also a professional boxer. Besides this, Mickey is a sex symbol of his generation. But, let’s return to why we all know it – cinema. Rourke starred in a variety of films, so the editorial staff of the “Sprintally” prepared for you the best films with Mickey Rourke.

1. Bloody Thursday

Bloody Thursday

A film by talented American director Skips Woods. Experts believe that the film is similar to the early work of his more famous colleague – Quentin Tarantino. The plot is tied to drugs, friendship and the rivers of blood. In the film there are unexpected interchanges and storylines, absurdity intertwines with everyday life, which makes the film even more interesting for the viewer. The picture just needs to watch the fans of Tarantino, some techniques are very similar to the style of the maestro, but the film’s atmosphere is by no means “Tarantino”. The film is quite “candid” and abounds with scenes of violence, so the age category of the film is 18+.

Movie Search Rating – 7,9

2. Sin City

Sin City

The 2005 film, positioned as a crime thriller, was filmed in the noir style, based on Frank Miller’s novels, directed by Robert Rodriguez, co-authored with Frank himself. The basis of the film is a very contrasting black and white footage; bright colors appear, as in novels: they are painted only by individual characters or details associated with them – blood splashes, dress, eye color. It is noteworthy that for the shooting of several scenes, Quentin Tarantino himself was invited. The film was well received by both critics and spectators and received a premium for visual sharpness at the Cannes Film Festival. Initially, the film was a graphic experiment of Robert, who wanted to transfer the atmosphere of Miller’s novels in the cinema, by means of game cinematography. The film is divided into four parts, each part is assigned to a separate character, but the plot is arranged so that all the characters, one way or another,

Movie Search Rating – 7,8

3. Beef fish

Beef fish

The film of the famous film director Francis Form Coppola, a screen version of the novel by Hinton, which appeared on the screens back in 1983. A cult picture, actually because of her, the world learned about such an actor as Mickey Rourke. The film tells about the young leader of the youth gang, who wants to conquer the whole city, but he lacks for this confidence. His older brother – a motorcyclist, former leader of the gang, returns to the city after a long absence, but he is no longer interested in crime. Mysterious and withdrawn, he tries to change the point of view of his brother. The film is shot in black and white, but in moments there is a color in the frame, for example, in a screensaver, for a film, in an aquarium the colored fish in a black and white aquarium float. The soundtrack from the film is very memorable, it was written by Stuart Copeland, the drummer of the “Police” group.

Movie Search Rating -7.7

4. Harley Davidson and Cowboy Marlborough

Harley Davidson and Cowboy Marlborough

Classics of the genre for bikers, Harley Davidson and Cowboy Marlborough, directed by Simon Wincer. Harley and Marlborough, according to the plot, help his friend defend his bar, from a bank that illegally increased the amount of the lease. Friends make the decision to rob the collector’s car, but instead of money in the car was a drug – “Crystal Dream”. They are chased by a criminal syndicate connected with the bank. After the murder of friends Davidson and Marlborough, it was decided to take revenge and settle accounts with the bank. To the great surprise, the film failed at the box office – with a budget of 23 million dollars, he collected only 7. Experts noted a lot of blunders and stamps in the picture, but only you can evaluate a bad film or a good one by looking at it at a time convenient for you.

Movie Search Rating – 7,6

5. Wrestler


The film is an autobiography, which was awarded at the Venice Festival of the main prize “Golden Lion”, September 5, 2008. The plot of the film – a personal crisis, the former famous wrestler Randy Robinson. This picture was the creative resurrection of Mickey. He played the main role of the wrestler, after the peak of his fame, a part-time foreman, and trying to tie up the ends, speaking on small sites. The hero tries to establish relations with his daughter and to re-evaluate the relationship with his old acquaintance. But, here there is a terrible. Doctors forbade him to fight, but they do not understand that the ring for him is life … The film is connected with a scandal, a film academy that nominated Rourke for an Oscar, sentenced him to Sean Penn, who played a gay politician. Mickey said that he knew that Sean would win in advance.

Movie Search Rating – 7,5

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