10 dog breeds those will be friends with your cat

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Dog Breeds

About people who often quarrel, they say:” Like a cat with a dog”. Dogs can’t stand cats, and cats can’t stand dogs. Yard dogs chase street cats. There are also tragic cases when cats die from the teeth of their enemy. But some people love cats and dogs equally. They dream of four-legged friends and can’t decide who to make.

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Life is one, and it is not necessary to deny yourself, especially in such a pleasure. You can just choose these dog breeds, which will perfectly get along with the cats. This will be the best way out of the situation for those who dream of both a dog and a cat at the same time.

These are the 10 dog breeds those will be friends with your cat

1. Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

They will also make great companions for humans. They have a light character. They are affectionate, calm, and quickly adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. The dog will easily find a common language with the cat, loves to play. They are small in size, their maximum weight does not exceed 7 kilograms. The dog will make friends with the cat, thanks to its character.

They are often compared to each other, they say they are very similar. They like to climb as high as possible, wash their muzzle with their paws. And the most important advantage that cats will appreciate is that these dogs do not bark very often. Japanese Chin and cat will become best friends.

2. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Bichon frise are companion dogs. They are gentle and playful, funny. Perfectly combined size with representatives of the cat family. Their weight reaches 5.5 kilograms. They get along well with other pets, not just cats. Bichon will be fine with the appearance of a second animal in the house. They just can’t stand being alone. But the owner will also have to work a little hard, otherwise, the dog will not obey. Bichon Frisees are smart and crafty.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Royal Spaniel)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs are very attached to their owner. They do not tolerate loneliness, so the cat will become the best friend for the spaniel. Their weight reaches 8 kilograms. If the unexpected happens, the cat will always be able to fend for itself. These dogs are easy to train, not for nothing that there are many guide dogs among them. The royal spaniel will be especially warm to animals that are smaller than it is in size. It will take care of the cat, try to protect it. But in this relationship, the cat will always be the main one. The spaniel will gladly obey the cat.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

This dog has valuable qualities that will allow it to get along with a cat. It has a calm character and small size. Their maximum weight does not exceed 4 kilograms. They are good-natured, easy on the upswing, they have an attractive appearance. Maybe at least because of this, the cat will agree to make friends with a new family member. But seriously, a lot depends on the owner.

An important condition is the distribution of attention. You don’t have to pay attention to one thing while ignoring the other. In this situation, animals will not make friends. A dog from a young age should be taught the command “do not”, especially concerning a cat. It should not grab the cat by the tail or play with its paws. Gradually, the animals will become friends, but at first, it is better not to leave them alone.

5. Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

Species of this breed have a light cheerful character. They love their owner and will gladly agree to be friends with the cat. They don’t like being alone, so a calm cat is the best option. But if the cat has an explosive character, does not accept guests on its territory, then it is better not to take the dog. Otherwise, it will become downtrodden and timid, and there will be no trace of its cheerfulness left.

Chinese crested dogs are good-natured and playful. However, they choose a friend for life. If something happens to the cat, it will take the loss very hard. It will never accept a new cat.

6. Sheltie


These animals are loyal and intelligent. By nature, they are not hunters, but shepherds. Therefore, Sheltie will not hunt the cat. The dog can gain up to 12 kilograms of weight. Of course, cats are also different. Shelties are easy to learn, they are sociable and responsive. If the owner teaches the dog to be friends with the cat, then it will never know any problems with animals.

Although no, one problem will remain. Shelties are very fond of chasing cats. They can make a mess in the apartment or knock down the household. But they will not let you miss either each other or the owners.

7. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Dogs of this breed have a calm character, but they are too self-sufficient. In principle, their name justifies this. Shih Tzu means “lion cub” in Chinese. To make friends with the cat, you will have to be a little nervous. The dog is very wayward, considers itself the most important person in the house. The cat thinks the same way. Relationships can only be established if the dog receives a decent upbringing.

If you do not engage in it, it will soon not take into account the opinion of the owner. The dog has a small weight of 4 to 7 kilograms. When introducing animals, you need to be very careful. The best option for animals will be separate rooms. Let them play and communicate under the supervision of their owners, at least for the first time.

8. Pug


Pugs have a very friendly nature. They can make friends with anyone, and cats are no exception. They weigh much more than the other breeds, their weight can reach up to 8 kilograms. It won’t scare the cat. But be sure to pay attention to the dog. Then the animal will remain compliant and kind.

Otherwise, the pug will try to attract the attention of the owners, and in what way no one knows. Perhaps it will start to offend the cat, which takes all the attention for itself. If the animals find a common language, the cat’s life will become much more fun. But in joint games, there is a risk that the cat will hurt the dog’s eyes. In pugs, they are convex.

9. Chihuahua

Chihua Hua

Chihuahua is a very confident dog. It’s got a lot of guts, too. You can often see how this little dog bullies huge dogs. The average weight ranges from 2.5 to 3 kilograms. It has thin legs and a funny face. But, despite the complex nature, the Species of this breed get along well with cats. In the company of Chihuahua, the cat will feel calm. It will understand that its safety is not in danger. It just won’t take the dog as a serious opponent.

A very important condition is the correct acquaintance. It is better if the animals are young. An adult cat is unlikely to like that its quiet life is disturbed by an incomprehensible animal. If they become friends, the fun will never leave the owners’ house. They will play, sleep together, even eat out of the same bowl.

10. Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian Spitz

The weight of the Pomeranian rarely exceeds the mark of 3 kilograms. That is, the cat, in which case, will be able to give the “furball” a rebuff. But it’s unlikely to come to that. Pomeranians are very friendly, they treat other animals and children well. Of course, you should not expect that the animals will immediately become friends. A cat needs time to get used to a new family member.

When the cat gets used to the dog, they can play together, chase each other around the house and give their owners positive emotions. But the cat should have its place, preferably where the Pomeranian can’t reach it. If the dog gets tired of the noise and games, it will rest, and then will chase a furry friend with renewed vigor. If the animals do not make friends, then the war between them will not start. They will just ignore each other.

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