100 great ways to diversify family entertainment

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Family Entertainment

Family entertainment: Most married couples, having lived together for the first decade, are beginning to experience an acute shortage of ideas for organizing joint leisure activities. And the truth, no matter how dizzying and memorable the first years of dating and marriage would be, the joint pastime is gradually reduced to watching melodramas and news blocks on TV. But what to do if the television routine “has delayed” so firmly that you cannot spend even one evening without a blue screen?

These are the ways to diversify family entertainment

1) Make a couple of laps on a bicycle around the block

2) Cook together an interesting dish – distribute the different stages of cooking


3) Go to the gym

4) Play badminton (in the presence of a courtyard)

5) Try to find it second socks – this may sound funny, but you yourself will not notice how immersed in casual conversation that accompanies it is a simple exercise

6) Plant a garden – just imagine how beautiful your yard in 10 years!

7) Go to the theatre


8) Paraclete (finally!) the Wallpaper in the room

9) Go to the store and buy yourself something new

10) Taste the new wine

11) Just walk around the neighborhood (bring the kids)


12) Organize a picnic on the beach

13) Wait until the kids are asleep and play in a game console

14) Play a game of tennis of

15) Assemble a jigsaw puzzle (not a task for one evening)

16) Read a book together (the problem is only with the selection)

17) Revise family albums


18) Watch the sunset on the street

19) Organize a cooking class for two

20) do yoga

21) Look at the nearest coffee shop and relax

22) today is a good day (and night) to visit some special places

23) Go to a concert by your favorite band. If your preferred musical collective will perform in the near future – just find a bar with live music nearby.

Live Music

24) Enroll in a Dance Studio

25) Go to a football match

26) Try all the Beers in the local pub

27) Go bowling

28) Organize home quest

29) Go to the zoo (children can safely be left at home)

30) Fishing

31) boating or Canoeing

32) Go ice skating

Ice Skating

33) Plant a garden (you can start with dill and parsley)

34) Play Call of Duty on XBOX

35) give each other massages

36) Run a marathon (a kilometer or ten – it all depends on your fitness)

37) do some volunteering

38) If you blog then make videos together

39) Watch the animals or birds

40) Play Mini Golf

41) Play Golf (which is not “mini”)

42) Play basketball together

43) If you live near the coast – take a walk on the beach (and in general, try to do it as often as possible)

44) Play Monopoly

45) re-create the details of your first date (provided that you remember these details)

46) Dance in the kitchen when the kids are asleep

47) Find something nice at a flea market


48) Sit around the campfire

49) Take a hike (this item will require a few nights and days)

50) Try to learn to play a musical instrument,

51) Run around with a Frisbee

52) rearrange the bedroom or change some details in the interior (new linens, pictures, paintings, knick-knacks, etc.)

53) Viberite outside in the rain and kiss till you drop!

54) have a movie night (pick up yours and his favorite movies)

55) take a Walk through the Mall holding hands

56) Arrange a fondue evening

57) Kayaking

58) Cook together a whole mountain of chocolate chip cookies

59) Visit the paintball field

60) Karting

61) Ride on a boat

62) Locate a dealership offering a test drive of

63) together, create a menu for the week

64) organizing an evening of “retro”

65) Review your wedding video

66) Make together with kids family tree

Family Tree

67) Rent a hotel room

68) Hiker

69) Visit one of the local museums

70) Go to the fitness club

71) Prepare an ice cream at home

72) Go to the roller

73) enjoy a meal in an unusual restaurant or café

Enjoy A Meal In An Unusual Restaurant

74) Cook sushi

75) Watch the stars lying on the lawn

76) horseback riding

77) Visit the exhibition of paintings

78) Swim in the pool

79) Arrange the evening with a Jacuzzi (it is possible to visit the sauna)

80) Go to the Amusement Park

81) Take a chance and try zip lining!

82) Surprise your kids – build them a fortress of pillows and blankets!

83) Prepare the cake

84) Arrange a home fashion show

85) Create a collage on any interesting subjects

86) Make a General cleaning in the garage

87) Visit the Church

88) Organize dinner in bed

89) Transplant houseplants

90) Organize an area close to home

91) Go to the planetarium

92) Arrange the fireworks show

93) Take a bath together

94) Throw a homemade “treasure hunt”

95), Visit an animal shelter if you have long been planning to get a pet

96) Enroll in karate

97) go to rafting


98) Go to a casino

99) Cook together a Breakfast

100) Go to the Water Park

Well, such a variety of options to revitalize family life will not leave you without fresh ideas – at least the two of you (regardless of the amount of free time and income) will be able to use it. Everything is in your hands – love and make happy each other!

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