10 original ideas for a second date

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Second Date

To come up with an idea for a second date may seem like a difficult task. You have already made a good impression, but where to now lead your “newly-minted couple” you have no clue. Use the following trouble-free tips. You, of course, can repeat and go to the same institution a second time. But the best second date is movement. Shopping center, roller skates, or picnic. In such places, you have the opportunity to move around, flirt more, and get to know each other better.

Here are some ideas for a second date

Shopping center

Second Date

While shopping or just shopping without the intention of buying here and now you have a lot to talk about, important and humorous. The shopping center allows you to see a person in a natural environment and a relaxed atmosphere. Shopping is a great way to learn about the real tastes and interests of the elect. As both men are constantly in motion, it makes communication much more energetic and alive. The guy will immediately know whether the girl is able to save money, and she, in turn, will see how generous her new young man.

Flea market


Walking around the flea market, you can find numerous remarkable things you’ve never seen or had not seen for many years. This provides a virtually endless source of conversation. If your first date was not very dynamic, it is a great idea for the second meeting. Most often, these markets have live music and a very unusual cafe with good food. Be sure to buy your girlfriend during Dating a little souvenir.

Bowling/roller skating

Roller Skating

Bowling is a great way to actively spend a second date. For starters, the guy you need to make sure that the girl doesn’t consider himself “too cool for such activities as bowling or roller”. But if the girl agrees immediately, so she’s adventurous, she’s active and fun. The only rule is that carefree time and in any case not to be upset about the losing party.



Cinema is a great place to invite a girl on a date, but not at first because it is difficult to spend time with someone when you can’t talk during a movie. It is best to go to the premiere. But if you want to be alone, choose a movie that is in theaters for a long time, then the hall will be guaranteed half-empty. Always consider the audience’s interests of girls and choose to view light movies: comedies or romantic drama.

Live music

Live Music

Live performances are always accompanied by an explosion of emotions, thus, a concert can be a great bonding experience.

For a second date is better to find a small concert in a club, restaurant or on the street. You don’t need at this stage to spend a lot of money on tickets for famous stars. Yes, you may a lot more chat among a small handful of people than in the stadium among 15,000 people.

Bike ride

Bike Ride

We’re not talking about tight costumes, the slopes, and speed bikes. Just invite a girl for a quiet bike ride through the closest countryside: it could be a scenic view or an interesting city block. But don’t tell the girl where you go. Women love a bit of mystery and confidence that you can rely on the man. This date will help you determine whether you want the girl to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. One “but” – warn in advance that the girl had come in jeans or shorts.



A picnic is a classic and reliable option for a second date. A good way to make a camping trip is to plan a picnic for the whole day. Park is the standard place for a picnic, but you can go to another place: to the beach or lake.

The second date in nature is sure to be relaxed and easy, after a formal and tense first meeting.

Dinner at home / collaborative cooking

Collaborative Cooking

Women love men who can cook. Meals should not be extravagant, it’s a date in the first place, should demonstrate simple cooking skills and high skills of Jamie Oliver. Although if you are in the soul of a chef, you can impress the girl with your risotto or beef Bourguignon. Do not experiment and it is better to prepare dishes in which you are really good. Better not to start before the arrival of your girl, but make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients. And don’t forget the wine.

Amusement rides


Wake up in yourself and your girl child. The amusement park will help to release much better than all other places. Here you can fool around, flirt, jointly overcome your fears, eat sweet cotton and shout heartily on the “roller coaster”. Your second date will surely become active and very emotional.

How to create physical tension on the second date?

Physical Tension On A Second Date

The best way to create physical tension is to remind you about it in a conversation. Let your girl knows that she makes you think too ambiguous when she is at your theater or wherever you are.

You can play a little and defiantly define an invisible wall between you to make it clear that you do not want to overstep the line of what is permitted. But no one forbids to throw glances or inadvertently touch during a date. This technique shows that you are not a physical maniac and are not trying to cause aggression from your girlfriend. It is fun, coquettish, and sure to enjoy her, albeit subconsciously.

In conclusion

The most important component of a second date is quiet or active. This will allow you both to enjoy, be yourself, and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Use one of the above ideas and you will agree on the third date.

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