10 Ideas for a romantic evening without leaving your home

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Romantic Evening

Romantic evening: On cold winter evenings to spend an unusual time with a loved one, not necessarily to get out of the house. Connecting a little imagination, you can transform your ordinary apartment into the most romantic place on earth, but a dull evening after work – on an unforgettable date.

We have mentioned 10 ideas for a romantic date at home

1. Home theater

Home Theater

It should not be the usual evening in front of the TV in pajamas and snacking. Approach the process in a more romantic. Pre-select any movie: Comedy or something erotic, just no soap operas and weepy dramas. Buy popcorn, or mix berries with whipped cream. And of course, don’t forget to pick up sexy lingerie. Relaxing, unobtrusive romantic evening in the arms of a loved one you provided.

2. Bath with champagne

Bath With Champagne

Buy a bottle of champagne or wine at your discretion. Prepare an easy fruit dessert, the strawberries with chocolate or cream. Fill the tub with water and aromatic extracts and foam, turn off the lights and place them around the whole bathroom small candle. Can make a compilation of your favorite slow songs. This evening perfectly relaxes after a hard day and, of course, will be continued.

3. Catwalk


On a night not worth it to be modest. Remember that like your loved one: heels and lingerie, uniforms, costume, Lara Croft, anything. Cook something unusual for dinner, turn on dim lights and meet your mate in an unusual way. End your evening bold show strip.

4. Tasting


Buy a few different bottles of wine, cheese, fruit, recreating the atmosphere of this tasting. Turn on the neutral, relaxing music, dim the lights. Alcohol undoubtedly relaxes, gives courage and imagination to complete such a romantic date.

5. Chocolate fondue

Chocolate Fondue

Optional subtly follow the recipe below to make a real fondue. Just melt a bar of chocolate, cut the fruit, turn on the music. The main thing in this evening – playfully feed each other and lick the dripping chocolate…

6. Game


Cards on the strip, Twister, chess…

Any game takes an erotic color if it is only a man and a woman. And if you use your imagination, you can not only romantic but also fun to spend time with a loved one.

7. Joint cooking

Joint Cooking

Cook together an interesting and unusual dish you have not tried. Team game, throwing flour at each other, raging appetite… All that is brings together and liberating.

8. Dancing


So you can spend the evening just in case if you’re both very romantic and intimate. Make a selection of your favorite songs, dim the light, and dance. It is possible to get a little ridiculous or dance to slow songs. The party depends only on your imagination.

9. Reading


It is not about the Declaration of Blok’s poetry and erotic literature. For example, “50 shades of grey”. It should be noted that the piquancy in the literature exceeds the eroticism on the screen. Let the book absorb you, try to imagine the characters, or read the dialogues together… the ending can come up with or implement themselves.

10. The conversation

The Conversation

During dinner just to talk. About everything you want. About future plans, aspirations, and dreams, about the world, the music… It a date implies a spiritual convergence, as in the modern world a pair of little talking to each other. Thus, you will show the ability to listen to the beloved, respect for his opinions, and what you see in this interesting personality. And the party depends only on your imagination.

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